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Moving to New Zealand from the US

New Zealand is a great option for people from the US looking for a new country to call home. Our culture is similar, and we speak the same language. The cost of living in New Zealand is also very close to that of the States. However, New Zealand scores much better in work-life balance, according to surveys like HSBC’s 2019 Expat Explorer.

New Zealand Lifestyle and Nature

New Zealand has a reputation for being a “laid back” country. Kiwis (as New Zealanders call themselves) work hard and have built a thriving economy despite being far away from most countries in the world. Enjoying life and the beautiful scenery New Zealand has to offer are key aspects of the culture.

Flexible working hours and company cultures that emphasise employees’ wellbeing are some of the reasons why New Zealand ranks 2nd in the world for work-life balance, according to HSBC. Meanwhile, the US sits at 31st. The same survey ranked New Zealand as the 5th best place in the world to live.

New Zealand is one of the cleanest and least polluted countries in the world. Its stunning scenery and breathtaking national parks, fit in a group of islands less than two thirds the size of California. And even the largest cities are no more than 30 minutes away from the sea, forests and other beautiful scenery.

Cost of Living and Healthcare in New Zealand

Compared with the US, New Zealand has a very similar cost of living, with bigger cities being comparatively more expensive to live in, but with more opportunities.

A key difference between New Zealand and the US is that our healthcare system is free or very low cost.

Healthcare benefits are heavily subsidised by the government and benefit citizens, residence visa holders or work visa holders who are entitled to work in New Zealand for at least two years. You can also choose to get private health insurance.

Schools in New Zealand

Schools in New Zealand are well equipped with sports fields and often a swimming pool, and provide a safe environment for students. According to an OECD report, teenagers in New Zealand perform slightly better on average than in the US.

New Zealand’s tertiary level has 20 institutes of technology and eight universities. They all provide internationally recognised qualifications and five out of the eight universities are in the top 300 of the QS World University Rankings 2018.

It’s because of New Zealand’s strong education system that the country sits in the 7th position for the Global Human Capital Report 2017, preparing people for future work.

Working in New Zealand

Whether you are planning to do business or to continue your career, there are many New Zealand visa options you can apply for. Every visa offers different benefits and has its own requirements.

If you are considering to make the move, ask our Licensed Immigration Advisers and Job Search Coaches for a Free Assessment of your migration options.

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