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Moving Checklist

Before you leave for New Zealand - There are so many things to consider!

18 Months to go –

  • Decide where you would like to live.
  • Research house prices, salaries and cost of living in that area
  • Discuss your plans with your family
  • Investigate employment and business opportunities for all family members
  • Visit migration Expo’s
  • Choose a migration agent and have your eligibility confirmed
  • Prepare your house for sale (redecorate if necessary)

12 Months to go –

  • Check that all passports have at least 2 years left on them
  • Collate all personal documents;  birth and marriage certificates, adoption papers, employment references, driving licences and qualifications
  • Update CV and make them suitable for New Zealand employers
  • Do some market research into your job opportunities
  • Put your house on the market
  • Put your finances in order, consolidate accounts and reduce debts
  • Discuss your plans with your current employer, children's schools and extended family and friends

6 Months to go –

  • Medicals and police checks may now be required; check with your migration agent before arranging them
  • Organise quotes for shipping your household effects and pets
  • Make sure pets are fully vaccinated for travelling to NZ
  • Organise quotes for flights to NZ
  • Sell unwanted furniture and household effects
  • Clean and paint any garden tools and furniture you wish to bring.  Items must be soil free or will be denied entry by customs
  • give formal notice to your employer
  • request hand over files from your dentist and doctors surgery
  • open a New Zealand bank account
  • Set up a trading account with a currency broker
  • Request credit references from banks, building society or any other lender

2 Months to go -

  • Organise temporary accommodation in New Zealand
  • Book pet kennels in New Zealand
  • Request up to date statements on savings and pensions
  • Give notice to your landlord

1 Month to go –

  • Advise banks, passport office, DVLA, inland revenue, pension company, insurance brokers and accountants of your new address
  • Pay council tax and utilities up to date
  • Cancel TV licence, sky, internet, phone and insurances
  • Sell or donate any unwanted items
  • Redirect your post
  • Transfer funds to your Kiwi account
  • Collect hand over files from schools, doctors and dentist
  • Arrange private health cover if required
  • Pay off all outstanding debts
  • Close surplus accounts, destroy cards and shred personal records
  • Book flights and hotels along your travel route
  • Collate all relevant documents to accompany you in transit
  • Cancel any redundant direct debits and standing orders
  • Request a copy of your no claims bonus from your insurer
  • Arrange car hire

1 Week to go –

  • Sell your car/bike/van and cancel the insurance
  • Buy currency for your trip
  • Ensure your household effects are about to leave

1 Day to go –

  • Make sure you have transport to the airport
  • Pack activity sets for young children
  • Get a good nights sleep

When you arrive in New Zealand

On Arrival

  • Collect your rental car and check into your accommodation
  • Contact your agent and let them know you have arrived
  • Try not to sleep through the day to keep jet lag to a minimum
  • Find the nearest internet café for research on the local area
  • Take some time to explore your new home and familiarise yourself

1 Week later

  • Get an IRD number from the Inland Revenue office
  • Contact your new employer
  • Talk to the locals
  • Meet with realtors and discuss your housing options
  • Purchase a car and organise insurance
  • Register your children with new schools and arrange to meet their new teachers
  • Get a land line installed and set up your own internet access
  • Meet your new neighbours and make new friends

1 Month later

  • Review your financial position and transfer more funds if required
  • Set up automatic payments for utilities
  • Register with a doctor and dentist
  • Meet with mortgage brokers to discuss your options
  • Consider re writing your will
  • Start to attend social functions and clubs
  • Relax and settle into your new life
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