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Investment opportunities in New Zealand

There are opportunities in many fields, in traditional business sectors and in new, often highly innovative areas.

Some of the areas where New Zealand is doing exceptionally well include

  • Information and communications technology
  • Tourism
  • Film and special effects production
  • Biotechnology
  • Agricultural research
  • Wood-based technology

New Zealand's main trading and investment partners are

  • Australia
  • China
  • United States
  • European Union
  • Republic of Korea (South Korea)
  • Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

A huge plus: Your investment funds are safe

Getting money into New Zealand - or out - is easy and there are very few restrictions on what you can or can’t invest in. Tax regulations are favourable for investors.

‘Best for business’

Forbes has ranked New Zealand as the second best country for business, thanks to a transparent and stable business climate that encourages entrepreneurship.

Along with the inbuilt business advantages of a fertile land and a well-educated, flexible workforce, you’ll find a Government actively promoting growth and innovation with a range of business and migrant-friendly policies.

Investment Advice

Before you invest your funds in New Zealand you want to obtain an in depth knowledge of the New Zealand financial market, take time to understand the basic principles of investing in New Zealand and then follow a carefully tailored investment plan.

As everywhere in the world, the types of investments you will consider will of course depend on your investment goals. It is also important to diversify your investment choices as appropriate.

You want to ensure that your investment is acceptable in terms of New Zealand's immigration policy and will enable you to secure your resident status in New Zealand.

The key requirement under immigration regulations is that your investment needs to be capable of achieving a commercial return. Immigration New Zealand will need to see how and when the funds are committed.

Talk to our Licensed Immigration Adviser Dr. Carsten Hallwass to find out how you can ensure that your visa application under Investor or Business policy will be successful.

Investing in Commercial property

Investing in Commercial property is considered an acceptable investment. This can be a new or an existing building which is then leased out.

Investing in the development of Residential property

Some guidelines around what Immigration New Zealand would consider acceptable investments in this area are:

  • Funds do need to be in New Zealand
  • A contract with builders is in place
  • Evidence that all consents have been obtained
  • Evidence of funds having been invested and/or committed to be paid in stages over a period of time
  • If applicants decide to sell a partially completed house they need to put the profit and original funds into another acceptable investment.

New rules, which came into effect on October 1, mean that any sale of a property within two years of purchase will be liable for capital gains tax.

This new law is clearly aimed at investors speculating on short term capital gains. It does not apply if the property is owner occupied.

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