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How can you obtain a Police Certificate?

Find out how you can obtain a Police Certificate

Applicants for visas must be of good character. In order to demonstrate that you fulfil the character requirements for your visa application, you may need to submit a police clearance.

An excellent tool for finding out how you can apply for a police certificate is provided on the Immigration New Zealand government website:  How to obtain a Police Certificate.

Using the filter provided on the Immigration New Zealand website, you will find all necessary information on how to obtain a police certificate for your country:

  • What to request, i.e. 'Police clearance for immigration';
  • How to apply - electronically or by post;
  • The relevant contact details of the agency in charge of police clearance in your country;
  • What to provide - i.e. completed application form, your full name, including your maiden name or other names you have used, personal identity number, date and place of your birth, a copy of your passport, your signature, the reason for your request;
  • Fees to pay.

Please note: You will need to have your character clearance in place when you are ready to submit your visa application. In many cases, this will be as soon as you have a New Zealand job offer.

Timing is important:

On the one hand, you need to allow enough time to obtain your police certificates before they are required for your visa application.

On the other hand, your certificate or document must be less than 6 months old when you submit your visa application to Immigration New Zealand.

From our experience, the processing time for your police clearance can be quite significant. It varies from one country to another and in some cases, police clearances will have to be obtained from more than one country.  

We recommend that you contact the issuing authorities well ahead to find out how long your request for a police certificate will take.

Any delays in obtaining your character clearance will also delay your visa application process and potentially upset your New Zealand employer.

Our Licensed Immigration Advisers will provide you with a list of documents and document guidelines, individually tailored to your visa requirements.

We will ensure that all necessary documents are in place as soon as you are eligible for your New Zealand visa,  while also timing your process according to your personal and professional timing for your move and avoiding any unnecessary delays.  

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