Can you move to New Zealand now?

Finally. After almost 18 months of living in fortress New Zealand, the Government has released a road map for reconnecting to the rest of the globe: New Zealand's borders are now starting to re-open!

These are the news we have all been waiting for since New Zealand closed its borders to the world in March 2020.

Here in New Zealand we are back to normal life, the only differences are that we wear masks on public transport and we keep a record of shops and restaurants we visit, just in case we need to be contacted if there is a new Covid-19 case in the country.

At NZIC we look forward to the gradual re-opening of the borders, as that will allow our clients to finally turn their plans for New Zealand into reality.

12 August 2021: Reconnecting New Zealand to the world - The 4-Step Plan.

The New Zealand Government has announced a careful but progressive approach to reopening New Zealand's borders.

"I'm energised actually ... I start to see some light at the end of the tunnel. I can see now the direction of travel and the pathway, but that's no walk in the park, that's for sure." Government Covid-19 business adviser Rob Fyfe.

New Zealand's Covid Timeline

See how New Zealand's borders are gradually re-opening since our country went into full lockdown in March 2020.

July 2021

300 border exemptions for qualified teachers announced

100 border exemptions for refugees, renewing every six weeks

June 2021

200 border exemptions for dairy workers and vets announced

300 border exemptions for recognised seasonal workers, renewing every month

May 2021

Borders open to Rarotonga

Border exemptions for high net worth Investors announced

April 2021

Borders open to Australia

Border exemptions for families of onshore migrants to reunite announced

March 2021

More than 1000 foreigners have been cleared to enter Aotearoa to attend the 36th America's Cup

February 2021

Immigration NZ announces Approval in Principal (AIP) decisions on Investor applications to continue

January 2021

1000 border exemptions  for international students announced (to arrive from March)

December 2020

2000 border exemptions for workers in the jorticulture industry announced

October 2020

General border exemptions for temporary work visa holders who have a strong ongoing connection with New Zealand announced

June 2020

7000 exemptions made under new 'Critical Worker' Category; allows critical migrant workers with skills not available in NZ, across the border

May 2020

Border exemptions for International film crews to arrive in New Zealand

April 2020

Critical Health Worker and Other Critical Worker Exemptions announced, to allow those working in health, and those with 'unique experience, and technical or specialist skills not obtainable at all in NZ' into the country

March 2020

New Zealand announces a complete lockdown. All borders are closed.

Some migrants can come to New Zealand sooner

For now there are already several scenarios in place that will allow some migrants to move to New Zealand now.

At NZIC we have had a number of visa approvals for our clients recently, allowing our qualifying clients and their families to move to New Zealand over the past few months.

Find out whether you qualify to come to New Zealand now, while our borders are still mostly closed, and what you can do to speed up your immigration process.

The 4 scenarios:
If any of these apply to you, we can get the process underway with you immediately and you can move to New Zealand now!
Scenario 1.
Partner of NZ Resident or Citizen
Are you living with your NZ partner overseas?
Our Immigration Advisers can process your Border Exemption and Visa applications to allow you to arrive in the country together.

Is your NZ partner in NZ and you are overseas?
Our Immigration Advisers can help you to reunite with your partner.

Are you a NZ resident or citizen and want to come to NZ with your children?
Our Immigration Advisers can process your children’s Border Exemption and Visa Applications to allow them to live and study in NZ with you.
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Scenario 2.
Critical Worker (Health)
Are you a Medical Professional?

You can come to NZ now.

You will need an offer of skilled employment.

Use our Accelerate Program now to secure the necessary job offer.

Our Accelerate Program
Scenario 3.
Critical Worker (Other)
Are you a specialist with skills not readily available in New Zealand?

If you have unique experience, technical or specialist skills, that are not readily available in NZ, you may be able to qualify as an 'other' critical worker, and come to NZ now.

Tell us what makes your skill set unique.

Use our Accelerate Program to secure the necessary job offer.

Our Accelerate Program
Scenario 4.
Quarantine-free travel zone
Are you coming from a quarantine-free travel zone?

You can come to NZ now.

Use our Accelerate Program to secure your position in New Zealand.

Our Accelerate Program

Are you already in New Zealand?

All of our onshore clients have now secured their job offers and we are happy to help you achieve the same!

If you are already in NZ with a visa expiry coming up this year, secure your status in NZ now!

You will need an offer of skilled employment in order to meet visa requirements and secure your visa for NZ.

Use our Accelerate Program now to secure your position in New Zealand long term.

If you think that any of these scenarios may apply to you, send us our Free Assessment form and mention that you might qualify, so that our Immigration Advisers can assess your background and discuss your options with you.

If none of these 4 scenarios apply to you, you can still start now!

Now is the time to get started with your move to New Zealand.

Preparation is key and now is the perfect time to get your immigration process underway before making the big move!

As the borders to New Zealand are now starting to carefully and gradually re-open, we are anticipating that immigration to New Zealand will realistically be possible for most migrants from early 2022 onwards.

Our earlier assumption is now confirmed and supported by The 4-step plan, announced by the New Zealand Government on 12 August 2021.

Our advice to you: Start working with our Visa and Job Search Teams now to make the most of the coming months and get ready for the borders to reopen.

A lot of work can be done now.

To get started attend our Immigration and Job Hunt Webinar.

Get ready for your visa application

Getting ready is a time consuming process. A lot can be done to avoid unnessesary delays when every day counts.

Start you job hunt now

Work actively on becoming the best candidate you can be in the NZ job market.

Now is the right time to start your Visa Application Process and your Job Hunt for New Zealand.

Working on the two most important components of your successful immigration - visa application and job hunt - now will put you at the front of the line when the borders finally re-open for everyone in early 2021!

Do you want to move to New Zealand as soon as you can?

Complete our Free Assessment form and ask our Licensed Immigration Advisers whether you may qualify to move now.

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The great work done before has surely helped to achieve this quick positive result. NZIC are really professional and know what to do when to do it and how to do it. That is so convenient and efficient! I’m still working with them for the next steps and would like to thank them again for their help and support.  Thank you.  Kind Regards.

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Anna was worth her weight in gold---she was fantastic at helping me format my CV and search for jobs that suited my skill set.  In the end, I got a great job in a great city.  Carsten and his team were very thorough and helpful when it came time to apply for and get our visas. They are now helping us with our resident visas, and I'm certain that the process will be the same. I'd recommend them highly.

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NZIC guided me all the way through getting my first work visa to permanent residency. Their job seeking support was key when I first arrived in NZ, communication was always easy and clear. I'm very thankful for their help and definitely recommend their services.

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Dear Jannie, just want to drop a note to thank for your everything. Your help is much appreciated! You are a wonderful and professional job search coach! I am so lucky to have you supporting me!

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