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Why is our Professional Assessment free? 

To demonstrate our commitment to your success, our Professional Assessment is at no cost for you and no strings attached!

We are genuine, upfront and personal and want to give you the full picture right from the beginning to empower you to make reliable decisions about your future and that of your family.

We want you to know exactly where you stand when considering a move to New Zealand.

We will not make any false promises.

We only work with clients who have been carefully pre-assessed by our advisers.


What does our Free Assessment include?

1. Visa Eligibility Assessment by a Licensed Immigration Adviser

Our Free Assessment will consist of a comprehensive eligibility check by our Licensed Immigration Advisers based on the information provided by you in the short questionnaire below. 

2. Job Market Assessment by a Job Search Professional 

Once our Licensed Immigration Advisers have confirmed your eligibility in principle, our Job Search Professionals will evaluate your chances on the New Zealand job market.

3. A comprehensive Proposal 

If our professionals assess your chances as excellent, we will provide you with a comprehensive proposal to explain how we will help you manage your move to New Zealand and make your immigration success. We want you to get the full picture of your planned migration process.


Start your migration to New Zealand now!

Please give us some information about yourself and your partner and other family members included in your migration plans. 



Do you have a formal qualification?
How many years of work experience do you have?
Do you have a job offer from a New Zealand business?


Do you have any health problems that might affect your visa application?


Do you have any convictions that might affect your visa application?


How do you rate your English language capabilities?

ABOUT YOUR PARTNER (If you are married or living in an ongoing relationship)

Does your partner have a formal qualification?
Does your partner have a job offer from a New Zealand business?
Does your partner have any health problems?
Does your partner have any convictions?
How do you rate your partner's English language capabilities?
Is your partner a New Zealand resident or citizen?


Are there any health problems?

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR NEW ZEALAND? The more we know about your plans the better we will be able to tailor our advice.

How long do you want to stay in New Zealand?
How can we help you?