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Why should you choose our Visa and Job Search Services to emigrate to New Zealand?

Because we are offering a unique and powerful fusion of migration services!

New Zealand Immigration Concepts ltd: Dedicated Team - Highly qualified and experienced - Proven Track Record - Based in New Zealand - 100% New Zealand owned.


Our Mission: To provide the best all-round immigration support you can possibly get for your move to New Zealand. 


Our strong points – Your benefits

  • We are based in New Zealand.
  • We focus exclusively on immigration to New Zealand.
  • We are highly qualified, with fully Licensed Immigration Advisers, Job Search Professionals and Career Coaches in our team.
  • We have more than 22 years experience with providing immigration assistance, more than 70 years combined in our team. 
  • We are all migrants ourselves and therefore know exactly what you are going through, except for our Job Search Professionals who are New Zealanders and have their fingers on the pulse of the New Zealand employment market.
  • We are personal: You will have your own personal Licensed Immigration Adviser, Job Search Expert or Investment and Business Specialist working hand in hand with you.
  • We are determined to make a difference for you: Together we will prepare your arrival in New Zealand to a degree where you will hit the ground running and follow through to completion.
  • We have a success rate of close to 100% for skilled and business migrants.

At New Zealand Immigration Concepts we have been market leaders in migration advice to New Zealand for more than 24 years. 

The range of services we offer is unique and the level of service we are able to offer our clients is outstanding. 

We have our finger on the pulse of New Zealand's immigration laws and on the New Zealand job market.

Our communication channels are open - connecting you with all relevant authorities and the job market in New Zealand.

Because we are migrants ourselves, we know exactly what you are going through.  Our Job Search Professionals, on the other hand, are New Zealanders, well connected within the New Zealand recruitment sector. 

We encourage you to let us know if you find a similarly comprehensive immigration service offered to overseas migrants and job seekers!


Do you actually need Immigration Support?

As New Zealand's immigration regulations are becoming increasingly complex from year to year, the number of migrants using a Licensed Immigration Adviser to improve their chances and create a clear and individualised path through the many immigration policies grows.

Emigrating to New Zealand can be a difficult and lengthy process. Unforeseen problems and hurdles often appear during the process, causing stress levels to rise and savings to melt away.  

It is possible to emigrate to New Zealand without using professional help, but relying on a team of professionals for expert support will increase your chances of success substantially.

Our Licensed Immigration Advisers and Job Search Professionals are here to facilitate the process and make your migration journey a whole lot smoother. 


Only Licensed Immigration Advisers are qualified to help you with your visa!

Since May 2009 all New Zealand immigration agents are required by law to meet the professional industry standard and become licensed.

This has been a great move for the industry as it allows you to build the trust in your chosen adviser that will get you through.

Our Immigration Advisers are highly qualified and licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority, IAA:


Our Advisers are fully Licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority

 Dr Carsten Hallwass, Licensed Immigration Adviser - Licence Number: 200900212 

 Apekshi Jayawardena, Licensed Immigration Adviser - Licence Number: 201800790

 Penny Taylor, Licensed Immigration Adviser - Licence Number: 202000093

Leah Shopneck, Licensed Immigration Adviser - Licence Number: 202000420




An in-house team of Job Search Professionals 

Our team of Job Search Professionals are based here, in our office, working side by side with our Licensed Immigration Advisers - every day.

Our qualified and experienced Job Search Professionals will partner with you during your entire job search journey - not just provide you with a 'package' of CVs and support letters.


Our Teams: 

You will have two dedicated teams working for you: Our Visa Team and our Job Search Team. 


Our Fusion

Daily ongoing productive communication between our visa team and our job search team allows us to efficiently coordinate your visa application with your job search at all times throughout your migration process.



On another note: Do you really want a 100% Money Back Guarantee? 

Some immigration consultancies offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not successful.

We advise you to carefully read the fine print.

But mainly, we do not think that that is what you really want. 

Find out what we can offer you instead.  



Our Free Professional Assessment

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