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Purpose of the role

To provide assessment, intervention and professional physiotherapy services under specific contracts to various funding organisations for our business.

Key responsibilities

• To work within the scope of practice of a Physiotherapist.

• To provide assessment of ACC, Corporate and other client needs in response to referrals and to prepare options for rehabilitation or intervention to meet these client needs.

• To provide rehabilitation, assessment and intervention services to ACC claimants to a diverse range of diagnoses. Work is completed at our clinic or in the local Jetts Gym.

• Promote, coordinate and provide Physiotherapy intervention services. These services will meet the expectation and needs of employers as well as assisting employers to meet Occupational Health and Safely legislative requirements.

• Ensure we are a profitable organisation that provides high quality services in a manner that reflects the organisation’s Mission and Philosophy.

• To comply with us and other legislative requirements including Health and Safety, by understanding the service and organisational policies and procedures and one’s own obligations when carrying out tasks with clients.

Clinical accountabilities

▪Effective, high quality assessment, intervention and rehabilitation are provided to assigned clients related to referral reason.

▪Appointments are undertaken at specified times planned to best meet client needs.

▪Clinically sound work practices are demonstrated always.

▪Accurate and appropriate reporting and client records are maintained in a timely manner.

Essential certifications

• Degree in Physiotherapy.

• Hold current registration as a Registered Physiotherapist in New Zealand.

• Hold a current Practising Certificate issued by the Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand and maintain professional competency in practice.

• Be a member of a Physiotherapy New Zealand and hold professional indemnity insurance.

Performance outcomes

▪Autonomously assess clients and determine their needs including for Physiotherapy services.

▪Independently plan, implement, evaluate, treat and progress client’s function and ability to manage ADLs related to referral reason, using best practice guidelines (where available) to maximise Functional independence.

▪Use effective interpersonal skills to support clients and to participate in the Physiotherapy process.

▪Educates clients to increase their understanding of the Physiotherapy process.

▪Maintain professional, appropriate and timely clinical records, documentation and reports to reflect intervention/services provided and to meet operational, contractual and legal requirements.

▪Meet provider timeframes for work completion.

▪Independently prioritise and manage workload.

▪Use advanced clinical reasoning and evidence based practice in delivering Physiotherapy services.

▪Ensure Physiotherapy practice is delivered in accordance with Physiotherapy Board of NZCompetencies requirements.


▪Participate in relevant administrative/team meetings, quality improvement activities etc as requested.

▪When requested, provides training and advice to others working for us.

▪Communicate professionally and effectively with relevant people to ensure efficient service provision, using a variety of approved channels of communication.

▪Comply with all relevant legislation.

▪Communicate with Management regarding Physiotherapy service development and/or issues. Participate in stock/equipment review relevant to Physiotherapy work, as requested.

▪Be aware of budgetary restraints.

▪To help assist at reception type work if required by answer callings and booking appointments in the event there is no receptionist.

▪Completion of clinical and non-clinical administrative tasks as required by us

Health and safety

▪Follow all manual handling policies and procedures in accordance with safe practice.

▪Follow all infection control policies and procedures.

▪Take all practicable steps to ensure own safety at work. Ensure no action or inaction by self, whilst at work causes harm to any other person.

▪Undertake risk assessments and resolution of risk for client and/or staff safety as needed.

▪Identify and manage potential hazards in and around workplaces including at our clinic, the Jetts gym.

▪Document and report within 24 hours of an event – all accidents, incidents and hazards to service providers, raise issues and participate in two-way communication of Health and Safety issues and concerns.


▪Arrange and attend own regular supervision asper Professional requirements.

▪Completion of your supervision within work hours/funding would need Manager Approval.

▪Recognise own limitations and seek guidance/supervision when needed.

▪Supervise and or support other staff as requested, appropriate to your level of experience and skills.

Professional development

▪Maintain and update skills and knowledge in an ever-changing environment, relevant to caseload. Training within work/paid/funded hours would need Manager Approval.

▪Actively pursue professional development goals that align with quality improvement initiatives and are relevant to personal and professional growth.

▪Accept constructive feedback and make appropriate adjustments.

▪Be willing to undertake essential training to be qualified to prescribe equipment and/or environmental adaptations, as related to clinical work/ACC Contracts.

▪Attend and / or participate in special interest groups relevant to clinical work, as appropriate and if in work hours, as approved by our management.

Other responsibilities

▪Be conversant with our policies and procedures and ensures that services are delivered in a manner consistent with these policies and procedures.

▪Develop and maintain effective working relationships within our business and externally with all health service providers, family, whanau and other related parties.

▪Maintain client and staff confidentiality as required by our policies and procedures and the organisation’s employment agreement.

▪Understand and apply the principles of the Te Tiritio Waitangi – Partnership, Participation andProtection – and its relevance to the health ofMaori in New Zealand.

▪Show awareness of differing health and socioeconomic status of Maori and non-Maori and act accordingly.

▪Proactively contribute to a culture of continuous improvement and motivate others to do the same.

▪Perform any other reasonable duties as requested by your manager, in a timely and professional manner.

Person specification

• Effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

• Demonstrated ability to work independently including planning and organising own work to achieve outcomes when working unsupervised.

• Knowledge of or ability to learn ACC contracts, systems, and processes.Knowledge of equipment loan, trial and purchase systems and processes.

• Commitment to professional development including on-going personal and job-related development that is responsive to organisation and service needs, as evidenced by CPD portfolio/ records.

• Excellent interpersonal skills that enable the building of effective relationships across diverse service user and staff groups, including the ability to deal tactfully and empathetically with distressed, anxious, or aggressive patients.

• Fitness to do the job, including manual handling, driving, and physical and cognitive activities.Demonstrated accountability, motivation, reliability, and commitment to the workplace.

• First aid certificate.

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