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Full-stack Java/REACT Developer (Intermediate to Senior)


Would you like to join a growing kiwi IT company taking on the world? We’re a mobility software product company going head to head with big global players and winning.

About the company

This NZ based employer is an IT company with offices in Auckland, New Zealand and provides a leading-edge business origination platform for a range of Cloud/SaaS and traditional web applications running on modern Java & React technology stacks.

About the role

You would be part of our product development team and help us bring our products and infrastructure to the next level. You would be involved in the full product development cycle, with a special emphasis on:

  • Developing new features: As part of a high performing team, you implement new features using the best available tools/technologies. 
  • Managing the development process: From the feature implementation to its final testing, you focus on automation. By using build tools (maven, npm, webpack) and our continuous integration server (Jenkins), you ensure that as fewer manual tasks as possible are required until the application is deployed
  • Maintaining high quality standards: You will develop and use solutions and methods to ensure the quality of the product like implementing test suites (e.g. Unit tests, Integration tests etc), checking the code against automatic quality gates, reviewing pull requests, defining/implementing solutions that can be used across the company’s different projects.
  • Designing and maintaining the architecture: Based on the feature requirements and the customer configuration, you adjust the current architecture and ensure the scalability of the solution. Performance tuning is a key aspect for us.
  • Agile team: By following the SCRUM standard meetings (Planning, Daily Standups, Demo session) in a 3-week sprint, you drive the incremental evolution of the product and would be an active player shaping the team and organisation.

You would work with the local team closest to your location but also collaborate with the rest of the team overseas on common challenges and features. If you are a remote worker you would need to have a certain overlay with our working hours, either based on NZ or German timezone.

About you

As an ideal candidate you:

  • are fluent in English (both written and spoken)
  • know how to communicate well with different audiences (developers, business analysts, management, customers)
  • show interest in continuously learning new things and improving current solutions
  • are familiar with both UNIX and Windows environments
  • be Agile
  • have experience with the following technologies:
    Java EE stack/Spring
    JavaScript, React, Redux
    Build tools: maven, npm, webpack and alike
    CI/CD pipelines, Jenkins or similar
    Relational and NoSQL databases
    Azure, AWS

About our offer

  • opportunity to be part of a young, international production company that uses modern technologies to deliver great solutions to our customers
  • full-time, permanent contract
  • competitive remuneration
  • option to work remote, hybrid remote or in office
  • pleasant, dynamic and motivating working environment
  • flexible working hours
  • opportunities for personal and technical development
  • As we also have an office in Europe there is the chance to not only work in an international team but also to travel to and work.

About your application

We usually start with a quick phone interview, then have an online face-to-face interview or in our office and for the final round invite the remaining candidates for a technical test/case study. Contact NZIC for more information.

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