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Anaesthetic Technician


Grow your Anaesthetic Technician experience working alongside some of the highest calibre surgeons in New Zealand and with cutting edge technology

The role | Perioperative Services Manager

This employer is currently seeking experienced Anaesthetic Technicians to join our highly trained multi-disciplinary team.Working with some of the highest calibre surgeons the country, state of the art equipment and our purpose-built facilities you will have the best resources at your fingertips to develop and excel in your career.Be challenged in a highly advanced working environment and innovative provider.

What we are looking for | Is this you?

  • Must have at least 1+ years Anaesthetic tech experience (or comparative Healthcare Systems)
  • Certificate IV and/or Diploma qualification in Anaesthetic Technology (Anaesthetic Technicians).
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Commitment to personal and professional development.

Perks & Benefits | We love the extras

  • Subsidized Health Insurance
  • Guaranteed Christmas and New Year break (approx 15 days)
  • Free Parking on site

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Job listing published:
January 4, 2024

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