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Dulani Bandera
Qualification :
Water Resource Engineer
Industry :
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Water Resource Engineer

About our Client

Water Resource Engineer with 8 years of experience in stormwater drainage design, stormwater management, quality control, hydrological and hydraulic modelling. Technically competent and motivated team player with effective interpersonal and communication abilities. Result-oriented and motivated to learn from peers and more senior team members. Qualified with a Post GraduateDiploma in Water and Environmental Engineering.


Technical Expertise

• QGIS: hydrological application for catchment areas

• RiverWare: for water allocation planning model for reservoir system

• SWAT and HEC HMS: calculating inflows for the catchment areas

• VISTA DSS: bulk water allocation planning model and developing seasonal operational plans

• CAD, Revit Auto, Arc GIS, MS Project, and SAP 2000

Key Competencies

Communication: participate in water panel meetings to present solutions about bulk water allocations related to reservoirs and canals

Problem-Solving: identified problems in VISTA DSS model and decided on appropriate solutions with the HATCH team

Critical Thinking: manage Water through dry periods

Team Work: collaborate with hydrological sector team members to ensure projects are delivered on time and to high standards

Report Writing: produce technical reports and present findings

Statistical Analysis: thorough understanding of the broad suite of hydrological statistics

Professional Experience

Civil Engineer

Feb 2024 - present

Sivcon Engineering Consultants


Overview: Stormwater drainage designs and stormwater management in Solarfarms, BESS, and Substation Areas.

• Design of kerb & channel, pits, and pipe networkto attenuate the peak flows of BESS and Substations.

• Design of Detention systems to control peak flows toPSD.

• Stormwater quality management of the site.

• Review drawings regarding stormwater drainagesystems in BESS and Substations.

• Refer Australian standards where necessary.

• Prepare reports on stormwater drainage design andmanagement plan.


July 2016 – Jan 2024

Commenced as a Civil engineer and appointed as Hydrologist in 2017

Overview: Surface water management in a major reservoir cascade system  

• Develop computer models to track water supply and demand to ensure that the reservoir can meet future needs

• Predict and analyse water distribution and rainfalls

• Prepare reports on findings and make recommendations for further action

• Analyse and manage manual and real-time DataBase

• Preparing seasonal Operation Plans (SOP) andSeasonal Summary Reports (SSR) for every season

• Operation of VISTA DSS software and observation and management of HMIS stations.


Key Accomplishments

• Developed an Excel template for VISTA DSS database, integrating all calculations to replace the old time-consuming process

• Detected errors in VISTA DSS model while combining real-time data and resolved them to optimize station usage

• Utilized SWAT model to generate new inflow values, replacing the outdated HEC 4 approach

• Successfully trained two hydrological assistants who were recently hired

• Conducted post-graduate research that led to the identification of issues in VISTA DSS model

• Project: Variations of the water management model used in the Mahaweli system, supervised by Prof K.D.W. Nandalal


As Civil Engineer between July 2016 and Dec 2017

• Project Implementation and coordination of Climate Resilience Improvement Project (CRIP) 

• Procurements in CRIP 

• Conducted and supervised soilLaboratory tests and analysed results

• Arranged training sessions for technical staff involved in CRIP projects


Civil Engineer

Dec 2015 - April 2016


Trainee Civil Engineer

Oct 2013 - Jan 2014


Trainee Civil Engineer

Oct 2014- Jan 2015


• Post Graduate Diploma in Water and Environmental Engineering

 • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering


Professional Affiliations 

• The Institution of Engineers

• Associate member of IESL Member ID:AM-19073

• Completed certificate level of CIMA

• Committee member of Civil Engineering Society CES (2013-2014)


Extracurricular activities

• Committee Member of Civil Engineering Society, Faculty of Engineering 

• Team member of the University Basketball team (2013-2015) 

• Participated in University Games (SLUG)-2013 

• Championship Obtained in National Youth Sports Festival-District meet 

• Participated to interfaculty fresher’s championship for hockey, netball, 
and basketball

• Member of the society Students for Sustainability (SFS) 2015 

• Participated Member of the Art Circle, Faculty of Engineering (2011- 

• Member of Gavel Club, Faculty of Engineering (2011-2015) 

• Active member of the ARUNALLA Charity and a resource person for the 
Arunella O/L seminar Series (2012-2013)


• Vegetable gardening in limited spaces

• Listening to classical music

• Preparing various types of cuisines and inventing new recipes


Technical Skills

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