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James Karolyi
Qualification :
Systems/ Data Analyst
Industry :
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Systems/ Data Analyst

About our Client

Systems/Data Analyst with experience in technical project and team management within a large and complex organization. Skilled at finding value in the hidden connections between disparate datasources and troubleshooting production issues. Consistently deliver on project goals, writing clear technical specs, and managing project needs and critical dependencies. Strength in synthesizing information into meaningful metrics and developing solutions for stakeholders to access data when they need it. Effective communicator and relationship builder dedicated to maintaining positive professional relationships and providing excellent customer service. Recent co-presenter at Slate Innovation conference on using custom API’s for keeping the data in Slate in sync with ERP data.


  • Technical lead for the Slate implementation and integration project to implement a new application and recruit management system. Role included developing a technical design that allowed implementation of the highest priority integration first while ensuring future integration would fit in seamlessly with what was being developed. Also oversaw Slate technical configuration including security setup and naming convention standards
  • Created and maintained technically design documents for numerous projects such as the StudentBills Rewrite project, Banner 9 Upgrade project, Preferred Name project, NameIn Use project, Pronoun project, Slate integration project, and COVID-19vaccination verification project 
  • Replaceda custom Portland State University system for calculating student refunds withthe baseline ERP process.  This changebrought PSU back into government compliance for returning financial aid moneyto the Department of Education and dramatically reduced the amount of work for theFinancial Aid Office
  • Implemented studentdirect deposit system, to accurately calculate how much financial aid should besent to the student when financial aid disburses and send that money to thestudent via pre-set up direct deposit. Most students now receive the money the same or next day
  • Integrated ERP system, Banner with a third-party student success and advising system, allowing advisors and counsellors to have accurate data when advising and scheduling appointments.
  • Integrated third-party advanced class scheduling system with Portland State University’s self-service portal (banweb) to allow the student to pre-plan their class schedule for the upcoming term and save that plan for when registration opens, and integrated third-party electronic transcript system to allow students and alumni to send and receive transcripts without having to contact the Registrar
  • Created the processes and integrations to allow the third-party tuition payment plan system to work with the university’s ERP system.  This project involved numerous interrelated pieces and moving parts and reduced the university’s unpaid bills by more than two-thirds.
  • Oversaw project which involved upgrade to the latest version, moving to new servers, and changing operating systems.

Professional Experience

SIS Manager Dec 2012 –present

• ManageSIS (Student Information Systems and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) teams of developer/analysts that work on the SIS module of PSU’s ERP system

• Administered complex projects that involve multiple IT departments and multiple administrative departments, and primarily designed to improve student experience

• Transformed complex business rules and data into streamlined analytical tables for reporting and end-user access

• Serve as Subject Matter Expert on SIS applications and data and provide troubleshooting on complex production issues, proactively resolving issues before they escalate

• Communicate with departments and stakeholders on project statuses and process improvement efforts

• Provided technical recommendations and expertise on continuous development and integration including git and change control configuration

• Conduct internal controls assessments and audits to ensure PSU standards are met while minimizing risk


Senior Analyst/Manager Nov 2007 - Nov 2012

• Developed complex data projects and data security enhancement projects and served as primary technical expert in SQL, database structure, project design, administrative data, and emergency troubleshooting

• Performed key role as backup database administrator and managed the data team comprising five data analysts and one BI analyst

• Presented analysis on software applications, database management, and overall interpretation

• Identified strengths and opportunities for administrative departments


Additional employment as Database Administrator and Analyst/Programmer at Reed College, and Analyst/Programmer at American Management Systems


Bachelor of Computer Science


• Enjoy reading science fiction, especially old science fiction

• Doing home improvement projects and working in the garden

• Worked backstage as a theatre volunteer, while at university, working my way up to assistant stage manager


Technical Skills

• Data Analysis: adept at creating ad-hoc reports for data-driven decision needs; familiar with Tableau for creating polished reports

• SQL:  20+years of SQL programming experience, mostly with Oracle and PL/SQL but alsoMicrosoft SQL and T-SQL, with a focus on ANSI standard SQL for cross-compatibility

• Database Administration: Served as Oracle DBA atUniversity of Portland making production changes and recommendations to PSU’sOracle Database in consultation with DBA team

• Linux: well versed in using the Linux command line for programming and diagnostics; have written numerous Linux shell script

• Python: Python for embedding SQL and Java for writing API for extracting ERP data into third-party systems

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