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Kailan Murugan
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Specialist Product Engineer / Software Developer
Industry :
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Specialist Product Engineer / Software Developer

About our Client

Solution-oriented Software Engineer/ Full Stack Developer with 5 years’ experience in an agile environment focused on delivering value, teamwork and continuous improvement. Excellent troubleshooting and analytical skills and known for being an easy person to speak to or ask for help. Thrive in an innovative and highly competitive environment where client and customer needs are prioritised. Enjoy managing my performance, mentoring junior developers, and staying up-to-date with industry trends and technologies. Member of Google Developer Group, active member in the stack overflow community and contributor to the GitHub and Bitbucket community.


Introduced Data Ingestion Automation using a java application resulting in successfully running live in production for the past 5 years with no backlog or human intervention at all and running 24 hours a day. This transformed the team from having 2 sources of data to currently 72 Sources of data who pay the equivalent of NZ $1m for the services.

Tax Project: worked on a project to prevent customer errors in relation to their tax IDs by sending the information through to Revenue Services to be verified or corrected if required. Project was completed NZ$100,000 under budget and resulted in more reliable data

Trained 3 new Junior Developers come up to speed with complex data ingestion processes in a 3 months’ period, which usually takes 5 months

UBO Project: built a web application that returns the UBO (Ultimate beneficial owner) of a record resulting in clients being able to retrieve the UBO and make changes within 5 minutes, resulting in positive client feedback

  • Solid understanding of C#, WebLogic, .NET, PowerShell, SQL
  • Experience with front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js
  • Experience working with tooling such as Docker, Kubernetes

Professional Experience

Specialist Product Engineer/ Software Developer

Overview: Develop application applications to integrate and perform data processing

  • Build java full stack applications for the data ingestion end to end while communicating with external applications with API calls
  • Build java applications using Spring-Boot to monitor data processes, pushing email alerts and showing visual graphs and tables on data and application stats using Angular
  • Use Oracle Enterprise Data Quality for transformations, Matching & Merging, data quality profiling, analysis, parsing, and standardisation
  • Design, build & maintain java bulk automation and Realtime application
  • Use Kafka streams for data processing in real-time
  • Send/Delete messages on MQ
  • Monitoring using elastic search
  • Deploy using apache Tomcat and WebLogic
  • Deploy Microservices on Kubernetes and Docker
  • Build Scripts for moving files, Database connections, monitoring and data transformation
  • Use SQL to select, join, update, insert into database tables from java application or directly on SQL developer
  • Performance tuning, pro-active monitoring, management and tuning of data
  • Management and tuning of data loads to Hadoop

Java Developer

Overview: Built java SE/EE applications, used the spring boot framework to create applications and used Oracle Enterprise Data Quality for transformations, Matching & Merging, data quality profiling, analysis, parsing, and standardisation


BSC Computer Science and Informatics Degree



Data Warehouse Developer- ETL/SSIS/SSAS/SSRS/T-SQL

Data Warehousing & ETL on AWS Cloud

DevOps Project - 2022: CI/CD



Technical Skills

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