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Jaya Herathbanda
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Social Development Officer
Industry :
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Social Development Officer

About our Client

Social Development Program Analyst with 20+ years of multi-sector experience in managing projects in the public, private, and NGO sectors, as well as with a Multinational Development Bank. Core competencies in research, statistics, M&E, procurement, contract administration, risk management, planning, budgeting, and grant management. Effective communicator, experienced in managing and developing client relationships, and mentoring junior team members. Accredited procurement specialist, qualified with an MBA in Project Management, a Postgraduate Diploma in Economic Development, and a BA in Social Statistics


Have led projects/programs in education (from primary, secondary, higher education, and TVET sectors), health [primary, secondary, elderly care, social protection, disaster management, and local government (rural and urban infrastructure) sectors of ADB. Currently I lead three health sector projects (worth of $310 million), a large results-based lending program in general education sector ($400 million), and a higher education sector project ($145 million).

Professional Experience

Social Development Officer

(Previously Associate Program/Project Officer)

Overview: Process and administer the implementation of ADB-financed Projects (loans and grants) in education, health, social protection, disaster management, and local government sectors

  • Administered five large infrastructure projects (worth of $1.2 billion) and four Grant projects (worth of $12 million) in Education, Health, Local Government, and Disaster Management sectors
  • Reviewed and approved procurement of more than 300 civil works packages, more than 3,500 goods packages, 9 consultancy firms, and more than 100 individual consultancies
  • Managed/administered more than 300 civil works contracts which included reviewing of claims, contract variations, contract terminations, handling of appeals and complaints, and dispute resolution  
  • Communicated effectively with different personalities and people in various roles by being courteous, enthusiastic, and offering clear feedback
  • Educated young people about strategies for driving discussions and promoting social changes
  • Built partnerships with partner organisations to develop support and gain greater attention for important issues
  • Used critical thinking to break down problems, evaluate solutions and make decisions.
  • Coordinated and managed volunteer activities for community service projects.
  • Mobilised grant funds to obtain support for clients and reduce escalation or recurrence risks
  • Conducted sector assessments to identify competitive loan products and investment opportunities
  • Trained and supervised supporting officers and staff
  • Recommended changes to existing loan products to cater the emerging needs of the sector/country

Consultant (General Management)  

Overview: Enhanced the managerial capabilities of elected members and staff, strengthened institutional capacities of provincial councils and local government institutions

  • Conducted training needs assessments, guided local authorities in preparing training plans, provided training, advocacy, consultancy, and research on local governance
  • Developed and implemented general management policies and procedures for local authorities
  • Formulated and implemented risk assessment and mitigation strategies in delivering public services
  • Created plans to ensure continuity of operations in the event of an emergency
  • Prepared project proposals for fundraising (grants and small loans), developed capacities of local government staff to implement, and monitored projects in local government sector
  • Supervised research projects of junior research and social services officers

Research Analyst

Overview: Collected, examined, and validated the accuracy of data, and analysed data using mathematical, statistical, and analytical models

  • Prepared plans for research projects, designed qualitative and quantitative data collection tools, trained enumerators, supervised field work, conducted focus group discussions
  • Monitored data entry, data cleaning and data validation, analysed data, interpreted results, and wrote reports
  • Designed surveys and questionnaires to collect data from customers and competitors
  • Analysed and interpreted data to identify emerging risks in the health sector
  • Developed reports to present research findings to management
  • Conducted focus groups and interviews to collect data from public and private sectors


Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Project Management

Postgraduate Diploma in Economic Development

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Social Statistics and Economics


  • President of the village youth’s union, chair of the ADB Resident Mission staff welfare committee.
  • Have led organising committees of donation/fundraising campaigns to assist flood/drought/COVID-19 pandemic-affected vulnerable communities
  • Enjoy reading novels and following socio-political news
  • Traveling with family and jogging on weekends


Technical Skills

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