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Jason Hanlon
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Senior Logistics Officer
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Senior Logistics Officer

About our Client

Supply Chain Specialist with 10+ years’ experience, a continuous improvement mindset, and demonstrated ability to challenge existing processes and implement new ways of working. Confident decision maker and communicator, experienced in managing suppliers and ensuring compliance with specifications. Gifted in overseeing quality through on-site inspection and management of schedules. Qualified with a Master of Science in Logistics and known for working effectively at all business levels in cross-multifunctional team environment.


Professional Experience

Senior Logistics Officer

Overview: Manage a 16-person team, monitoring 12 multimillion pound inventories

  • Manage and implement all supply policy, regulations and procedures
  • Lead Inspector during Logistical Support Audits, reporting findings to the director of logistics  
  • Inventory management of assets, and project manage and roll out new equipment across the organisation
  • Inspection and closure of accounts in accordance with extant logistic policy and National Audit Office requirements
  • Generation of business case documentation to the financial authority for equipment uplifts
  • Generate annual reports on employees’ performances for career progression
  • Signatory for all low value purchases across the organisation

Quality and Assurance Logistics Officer

Overview: Provided specialist logistical technical advice and guidance to the Commissioning Management Organisation (CMO)

  • Provided assurance on the logistical operation to the assistant director within the CMO
  • Engaged with senior management to ensure customer processes were followed and understood by stakeholders, reported findings to the assistant director
  • Raised quality issues to warehouse operation management and business stream management to ensure out loads met the customers’ requirements
  • Prepared, maintained and delivered operational briefs and statistical data
  • Identified and reported to the assistant director where efficiencies and savings could be achieved through improved process or resource activity
  • Maintained situational awareness of supply chain priorities, ensuring the activities were being managed to meet operational needs

Senior Logistical Operations Manager

Overview: Logistical Operations Manager of all warehouse operations on site

  • Managed a team of 64 personnel, charged with all supply and service operations
  • Carried out planning, scheduling and workforce organisation
  • Directed and co-ordinated the on-site logistical operation
  • Oversaw a 100% stocktake and reported findings to the assistant director
  • Prepared and submitted annual supply budget requests

Senior Logistical Operations Manager

Overview: Fixing logistical issues and problems arising globally in support of operations

  • Managed a logistical team at very high readiness to support global operations
  • Provided logistical advice to the assistant director for all firm base and overseas activity
  • Highlighted supply chain errors within the organisation, wrote and implemented corrective action plans
  • Coached and mentored team members to aid career progression
  • Actively pursued innovative solutions to streamline operations and spending

Logistics Operations Manager

  • Managed the workload of 36 personnel
  • Wrote annual appraisals on personnel, giving direction and guidance
  • Provided logistical guidance and advice to senior management
  • Ensured all provisioning, accounting and stocktaking was carried out effectively


Master of Science in Logistics

CMI Level 6 in Management and Leadership

CMI Level 5 Award in Management Coaching and Mentoring

Level 6 Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport

QMS Auditor / Lead Auditor



Technical Skills

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