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Juliyanti Jalil
Qualification :
Security and Criminal Investigation Professional
Industry :
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Security and Criminal Investigation Professional

About our Client

Security and criminal investigation professional with current experience leading an investigation team, as well as 10 years’ previous experience with the police. Proven ability to work within a multifaceted, fast-moving environment using management practices to mitigate risks, resolve incidents and ensure the safety and security of people and assets. Culturally competent and skilled in applying field knowledge in criminal behaviour and investigation to influence policies for more effective crime prevention and investigation. Qualified with a Master of Criminology from Bond University, Australia.


Key Competencies

• High-level ability to influence and communicate effectively with a diverse range of stakeholders

• Building relationships at all levels across an organization to understand concerns and deliver the best course of action within a set time frame

• Delivering goals combined with staff management, sound professional judgement and decision-making

• Supporting and managing crises and emergency response management

• Making logical deductions based on facts and evidence (such as CCTV footage, entry accesses, and computer logs using software such as Splunk, IBM i2 analyst), to ensure that a case can hold up in court or inquiry

• Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to piece together information and timelines from different sources

• Building high performance teams through focusing on the team’s mission and vision, leading by example and gaining the respect of team members

Professional Experience

Associate Director (Investigations)

November 2020 - Present

Overview: Assess risk and lead a team in investigations relating to misconduct and criminal offences committed by staff, liaise with multiple stakeholders, and prepare recommendations for sanctions or escalation to authorities

• Serve as the business partner working with the ecosystem of the university (through faculties, departments, and research institutes) on matters relating to misconduct, breaches, and irregularities involving staff

• Evaluate complaints and allegations in relation to staff misconduct, as well as breaches received by the university through the Whistleblowing unit and other channels, and advise on their suitability for investigations

• Direct and conduct investigations inline with university's procedures and best practices including case management, interview methods, evidence collection, recommendations for disciplinary sanctions, and attendance before committee of inquiry or in a court of law

• Review the progress of each investigation regularly to avoid potential delays

• Oversee the maintenance of a register for all complaints and allegations received together with investigation recommendations and sanctions imposed. Prepare periodic reports for management and audit committee highlighting key trends and non-compliance practices in disciplinary cases

• Ensure that the appropriate stakeholders and senior management are informed of relevant investigative developments

• Maintain relevance by keeping a pulse on developments in the craft of investigations and intelligence to enhance skill sets needed to conduct investigations in a rapid changing world

• Strategise an investigative framework, based on best practices, for the team to work to ensure that investigative processes are proper, well-documented and legally defensible

• Lead, develop and implement training programs, when necessary, to equip Heads and appropriate staff with relevant skill and expertise related to investigation or staff misconduct

• Participate and contribute to projects related to Governance, Risk Intelligence and Compliance

• Partake in efforts to assist ingathering information on issues and/or activities that may pose a threat to the university

• Serve as point of contact and manage relationships with external agencies such as the Police and the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau

• Coordinate with relevant stakeholders such as Campus Emergency Services, Care Unit, Office of Human Resources, Office Legal Affairs and Office of Internal Audit for information for investigations and request for information by regulators and law enforcement agencies


Senior Investigation Officer, Technology Crimes Investigation Branch

2017 – Nov 2020

• Led and coordinated in-depth investigations into unauthorised access and modifications made to computer material,  this included conducting interviews and gathering evidence through detecting fraud and analysing logs

• Directed and led arrest and raid operations to apprehend suspects and convict accused persons in court

• Liaised with multiple stakeholders including overseas police departments managing cybercrime, Interpol, and companies leading with finance and technologies, such as banks, Meta, and Google


Unpaid Leave (2016 - 2017) to complete postgraduate degree in Criminology, full-time in Queensland, Australia


Senior Investigation Officer, Serious Sexual Crimes Branch, Criminal Investigations Department

2014 – 2016

• Led and coordinated in-depth investigations into serious sexual crimes. This include conducting interviews and gathering evidence through forensics and closed-circuit televisions

• Directed and led arrest and raid operations to apprehend suspects and convict accused persons in court

• Liaised with multiple stakeholders including victims’ next of kin, hospitals and other agencies


Team Leader (Patrol team)

2012 – 2014

• Managed and supervised a team of 18 officers to prevent and detect crime within the district

• Commanded and controlled ground forces during operations and high level security events to ensure safety of key personnel and members of public

• Conducted training to ensure ground officers were aware of latest security developments and threat levels


Netball Convener (Concurrent Post)

2012 - 2013

• Led, managed, coordinated, and organised netball training and competitions for the Police Force and the combined Ministry of Home Affairs Netball Teams


Investigation Officer (General Crimes)

2011 - 2012

• Conducted in-depth investigations into general crimes such as theft, voluntarily causing hurt, and suicide cases, among others. This included conducting interviews and gathering evidence through forensics and closed-circuit televisions

• Participated in various police operations to apprehend suspects, and subsequently prosecuted them in court

• Liaised with multiple stakeholders including victims’ next of kin, and relevant agencies


Police Officer Course

2010 - 2011

Underwent 11-month in-camp training for exposure in policing, investigating, and leading teams


Brand Development & Marketing Communications Executive

2009 - 2010


• Master of Criminology, with high distinction (2017), Bond University, Queensland, Australia 

• Bachelor of Social Science, Sociology and Corporate Communication (2009)


Professional membership:

• International Society of Criminology (member)



• Risks of Online Victimisation Among College Students on Mobile Social Networks, International Journal of Cyber Criminology (Vol. 13, Issue 2) doi:10.5281/zenodo.3707558. Published on 1 July2019

• Presented at Asian Conference of Criminal & Operational Psychology (ACCOP) 2019

• Understanding Fear Warfare in Bioterrorism, Chapter 9 of Prepared for Evolving Threats: The Role of Behavioural Sciences in Law Enforcement & Public Safety, World Scientific (pp. 110-124) Published 1 Sep 2010


• Love heading out for a bike ride and joining martial arts classes (Muay Thai) at the gym

• Playing console games and playing guitar


Technical Skills

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