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Neeraja Vijayarao
Qualification :
Science Teacher
Industry :
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Science Teacher

About our Client

Positive, well-organised and self-motivated secondary school science and mathematics teacher, experienced in 2 different countries. Thorough understanding of intercultural and inclusive learning environments and well-versed in using differentiated teaching to meet the needs of both mainstream and special needs students. Qualified with an MSc in Chemistry and a BSc in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.


  • Trained the 100+ students for Engineering and Medical entrance examinations, more than 80% of them secured places in the best universities after high school
  • Trained new Chemistry teachers, emphasising the importance of classroom management
  • Created and implemented bridge courses to help students prepare for integrated curriculum
  • Ran after-school tutoring for students with learning difficulties that helped improve final test results by 30%
  • Initiated research-based teaching methods and materials to meet students' varying needs
  • Encouraged students to develop critical thinking and focused on over all development, not only strengthening students’ subject knowledge but also their social and emotional skills
  • Created and implemented university preparation courses
  • Developed high-quality differentiated lessons to reach all kinds of learning styles in US schools to ensure inclusiveness for special needs students in regular classrooms

Professional Experience

Science Teacher (Year 9, 10 & 12)

  • Prepare lesson plans and learning activities for students following ESPB, ND standards in science education
  • Deliver high-quality, engaging instruction in the form of discussion, direct teaching, and demonstrations
  • Use Google Classroom, Kahoot, Near pod, Online simulation games, Pixel art, worksheets, Science doodles, labs, dissections to reach every type of learning style using differentiated lessons
  • Evaluate students' performance using different methods such as observation, and performance-based tasks
  • Maintain a safe, orderly and supportive learning environment
  • Communicate with parents regarding student progress, potential and behaviour

Science Teacher (Year 8-10)

  • Created and graded tests, quizzes, and homework assignments
  • Facilitated group discussions, labs, and presentations
  • Wrote and implemented new technology curriculum
  • Supervised and conducted science trips and science fairs
  • Organised parent-teacher conferences to maximise effectiveness of parent-teacher-student triangle

Senior Teacher and Faculty Coordinator

  • Curriculum and content development and conducted departmental meetings
  • Coordinator for the chemistry department, established clear objectives for all lessons, units and projects
  • Promoted student engagement to inspire and encourage progress
  • Prepared and delivered daily lessons to students on standard chemistry topics
  • Organised parent-teacher conferences to communicate learning development of the student


Master of Science in Chemistry

Bachelor of Education, Mathematics/Physical Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

Additional Training/Courses

▪ Special Education

▪ Classroom Culture

▪ Native American Best practices

▪ Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Research

▪ Yoga teacher trained


  • Conducted free positive thinking workshop for yoga students
  • Reading, especially science-themed books and nonfiction
  • Keep fit by going for walks and practice meditation and affirmation techniques
  • Enjoy researching online academic simulation games and activities that make the science class engaging and interesting
  • Love to use technology as much as possible in my classroom to reach Gen Alpha kids


Technical Skills

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