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Mashel Gonyora
Qualification :
Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality Manager
Industry :
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Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality Manager

About our Client

Accomplished leader with 21 years of successful experience in developing and managing Safety, Health, Environmental, Quality (SHEQ)and Responsible Care (RC) management systems, to ensure smooth functioning of all corporate operations. History of achievement analysing and mitigating risks through effective evaluation and recommendations. Highly organised professional with ability to manage, coordinate, monitor and align Functional and Sasol Group programmes to achieves objectives, to ensure compliance with set regulatory and other requirements. Skilled at directing staff towards success by providing effective support and establishing robust liaisons with internal and external stakeholders for ongoing corporate development.

Proven expertise in:

• Strategic Planning & Implementation

• SHEQ Procedures & Compliance

• Project Management & Delivery

• Incident Investigation & Security

• Budget Administration & Forecasting

• Process Safety Management

• Staff Leadership & Training

• Operational Improvement


Professional Experience

Manager Safety, Health, Environment: Enablement, Compliance & Assurance  

Sasol Chemical Operations SHE Governance, Risk & Assurance Department.


Play a key role in improving operational performance of business through effective strategies and deliver successful projects within time and budgetary constraints.

Manage businessSHEQ delivery strategy through system compliance by regulating business SHEQ governance, reporting, and auditing coordination components. Conduct reviews of all aspects related to SHERQ to implement corrective and preventive actions for continuous improvement. Formulate and execute strategic plan according to specified business and project requirements. Deliver effective support and satisfactory performance by interpreting, developing, and implementing an  Management System based on the One Sasol SHE Excellence Approach, business risk, legal landscape and management system standards.

Key Contributions:

• Commended by seniors for performance excellence and achieved the 2019 SCO Senior VicePresident Individual Award on special effort in safety, health and environment.

• Achieved best delivering results of technology maintenance such as the Sasol integrated management system (IMS) within the business and met relevant requirements based on the Sasol business processes, within the relevant governance framework and business / area-specific requirements. Planned, sourced, and coordinated project resources and managed delivery and roll-out of SHE related enabling technology (IMS, SAP EHS).

• Deployed Sasol integrated management system (IMS) within the business and met relevant requirements based on the Sasol business processes.

• Planned, sourced, and coordinated project resources and managed delivery and roll-out ofSHE related enabling technology (IMS, SAP EHS).

• Developed and enabled an integrated management system based on the One Sasol SHE excellence approach that fulfilled the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001,& OHSAS 18001.

• Led the Sasol Secunda Chemicals Operations to manage the BS OHSAS 18001 migration project to ISO 45001:2018 as per high quality and achieved DQS certification within 18 months following the publishing of new ISO 45001:2018 standards.

• Led the Sasol Secunda Chemicals Operations transition from old ISO 9001:2008 andISO 14001:2004 to new ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. Implemented the project in record time of 10 months after the published new standards in 2015 and achieved DQS certification with one umbrella certificate for each standard for entire SCO from previously five individual certificates.

• Analysed growth opportunities and provided effective recommendation to SHEQ management team for subsequent adjustments.

• Improved operational and functional efficiency of enablement, safety specialist &practitioners through effective training and conducted design reviews, incidents and non-conformances RCAs, HIRA,HAZOPs, MOC, audits for smooth running of all operations.

• Managed resources for project to ensure successful project delivery within time and cost constraints.


Sasol Chemical Industries(Pty) Ltd.


Enhanced corporate safety, accomplished business requirements, and trained personnel to ensure continuous improvement in functional efficiency.

Liaised with auditing team to analyse various issues related to implementation of safety, health, environment, quality, process safety, operational process, and responsible care. Identified and documented limitations related to management controls, processes and prepared recommendations reports to deliver ongoing support. Analysed business requirements, mitigate workplace risk, and collaborated with all Sasol business to improve SHEQ performance. Led and trained junior auditors to ensure audits as per ISO 19011standards and Sasol SHE auditing procedure.

Key Contributions:

• Recommended preventive and corrective actions to mitigate risks and prepared auditing reports to ensure ongoing improvement in operational tasks.

• Improved operational efficiency of management processes and system controls and ensured compliance with company policies, international standards, and legal requirements.

• Provided effective support to Sasol technical and operational departments for continuous performance excellence and ensured achievement of set objectives.

• Accomplished group objectives by developing a systematic and disciplined approach to improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.

• Provided an appropriate level of assurance to the Sasol and ensured adherence with SOPs at all joint ventures and Sasol sites.


Managed and improved site Safety, Health Environment and Quality

Executed and led organisational SHE and quality programmes and achieved strategic objectives through SHERQ policies and leadership. Conducted training to ensure the implementation of functional and updated emergency and disaster preparedness plans. Monitored contractor performance to ensure adherence with contractual obligations as per the organisation’s SHERQ policy. Performed risk assessments for organisation’s significant aspects, hazards, and developed programmes to monitor and reduce the impacts of aspects.

Key Contributions:

• Developed SHERQ Policies,Strategic objectives and unsure SHERQ leadership and commitment

• Plan, direct and implement organisational safety, health, environmental and quality programmes.

• Provide expertise advice in specific SHERQ disciplines such as site security, risk assessment & management, incident investigation, contractor management, operations and road safety.

• Developed emergency response strategy for the Depots.

• Contractor Management - Ensure that all contractors carry out their contractual obligations as per the organisation’s SHERQ policy.

• Conduct risk assessments for organisation’s significant aspects and hazards; develop programmes to monitor and abate the impacts of these aspects.

• Accident investigation and analysis.  Accountable for capturing lessons learned and sharing best practices across the organisation

• Responsible for Control ofWork Process (COW) - Planning of work, Risk Assessment of work, permit to work,Documentation, Communication and Approval, Work Monitoring & Management,Safe Conditions on Completion/Interruption of work and Auditing the COW Process.

• Provide a continual assessment of compliance by conducting Health, Safety, Security, Environment, Quality and RC audits and implement remedial actions to improve level of compliance.Management SHERQ reviews.  



• Prepare project appraisal proposals for assets upgrades and other improvement projects.

• Sets strategies, procedures and implementation plans to support assets operation and maintenance

• Support production delivery while ensuring safe and reliable operations.

• Manage projects to ensure that all engineering field operations, including contractors, comply with BPSMS HSSE policies, law and regulations standards.

• Supervise projects, installations and major repairs done by contractors.

• Provide engineering support on field equipment and process system controls through supervision of maintenance team.

• Establish and co-ordinate the benchmarking of Key Performance Indices for Engineering projects and Maintenance activities.



• Ensure that system requirements are established, implemented and maintained.

• Management Representative and lead Auditor for ISO 9001/14001 Management System.

• Arrange internal and external audits & programmes.

• Ensure that high Safety,Health, Environment & Security (SHES) standards are maintained.

• Ensure that standards meet relevant national and international standards.

• Prepare project appraisal proposals for assets upgrades and other improvement projects.

• Manage projects to ensure that all engineering field operations, including contractors, comply with BPSMS HSSE policies, law and regulations standards.

• SHE database development and maintenance.

• Report HSSE performance for review and as a basis for continuously improving the system.

• Liaise with regulators and standards developers on SHES matters.

• Provide evidence on SHESmatters to the management and programme managers as required.



• Carryout maintenance and repairs to mechanical/pneumatic/hydraulic systems and equipment.

• Prepare service, adjust / set, maintain and operate production equipment to ensure that required quality and production levels are met.

• Identify and solve material and equipment related problems to prevent downtime.

• Responsible for mechanical setting up and stripping process and service equipment.

• Conduct major equipment failure investigations and maintenance history reviews.

• Supervise contractors and staff on plant installation and modification projects.

• Carry out corrective and reliability centred maintenance for plant and equipment.

• Safety, health, environment, energy and waste management.

• Staff competence, development and performance management.

• Continuous process improvement project identification, formulation of proposals, implementation and reviews.

• Ensure project and operations are in compliance with the OSHA Act, company security, safety, health, environment and quality standards and other relevant legislation.


• Master of Business Administration Subjects:                    

   • Operations Management (Pass with Distinction)

   • Marketing Management                                    

   • Managing Strategic Change (Pass with Distinction)

   • Economics

   • Quantitative Methods (Pass with Distinction)

   • Management Information Systems

   • Project Management (Pass with Distinction)

   • Corporate Strategy                                      

   • Managerial Finance (Pass with Distinction)

   • International Business,                                          

   • Human Resource Management

   • Accounting for Decision Making,

   • MBA Dissertation (Pass withDistinction): (Topic- An Analysis of Asset Management as a value Addition Tool to Process Safety Management)

• B-Tech Industrial Engineering

Management Development Programme

• Higher National Diploma (Mechanical Engineering)


Community development projects, travelling, going to church, watching cricket and soccer


• Working with multidisciplinary teams and handle complex issues and resolve challenges.

• Effective leadership and motivational skills. Ability to delegate and follow up on activities.

• Proven leadership inHealth Safety, Environment, Security Compliance and Quality.

• Proven project and contractor management skills from previous positions held.

• Proficient in Integrated Engineering and SHERQ Management

• Experience inEmergency and Disaster Management.

• Trained and certifiedLead Auditor (DQS Germany/South Africa) for ISO 9001, 14001 and ISO 45001

• Experience in managing ResponsibleCare, Environmental, Quality and OHS Management Systems and Auditing.

• Experience with ISO 9001/ 14001; 19011; OHSAS 18001 and ISO 45001:2018

• Strong planning, organizational, problem-solving and decision-making skills.

• Excellent organisational and analytical skills that are augmented by a wide knowledge base and strong communication skills.

• Working knowledge of production tooling, materials and equipment.

• Knowledge of safety aspects of equipment, processes and materials.

• Proven skills in exceeding corporate targets and objectives for productivity.

• Business analysis &negotiating skills.

• HSE Risk Management

Technical Skills

• Sasol IMS

• CAD/CAMSoftware

• User of Q&A maintenance software

• Conversant with: Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms Projects &Power point, Power BI

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