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Name :

Antony Glauser
Qualification :
Research & Development Engineer
Industry :
Instrumentation and Sensors - Environment & Sustainability
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Research & Development Engineer

About our Client

R&D Engineer with 20 years of experience in innovation and problem solving, specialising in sensors and electronics, and current experience as a Technical Specialist in the design and manufacture of subsea instrumentation. Committed to a career that makes a tangible contribution to understanding and protecting the environment through making sense of complex datasets, developing and fielding sensors for monitoring natural hazards, and analysing and improving process efficiencies. Skilled project manager with clear communication skills, especially with non-technical stakeholders, often critical to the success of a technical project.  Qualified with a PhD from the University of Cambridge, UK.


Professional Experience


• Ph.D. Engineering (biosensors) University of Cambridge, UK (2001)

• M.Eng. Electrical and Information Sciences Tripos IIB – Distinction (first place) University of Cambridge, UK (1998)

• B.A. (Hons) Electrical and Information Sciences Tripos IIA – Distinction (second place) University of Cambridge, UK (1997)



  • Met a critical deadline in the first few months in the role, where several deliverables that were approaching their due date had not been progressed due to staff shortages. This necessitated learning quickly about previous work that had been done and finding a solution to satisfy project and stakeholders' requirements in the shortest possible time.
  • Designed a much cheaper in-house replacement for a critically important component that was normally bought in at less than a tenth of the cost of the externally sourced counterpart
  • Led an R&D team (2008 – 2010) that delivered a multi-million-pound optical sensor development project three months ahead of schedule, exceeding performance objectives, and achieving significant cost savings (£100,000 per experimental campaign). In recognition of this work, the team was commended by the ChiefScientific Advisor to the UK Ministry of Defence.
  • Developed a novel short-range radar system (2011 - 2012), now routinely used for analysing explosive trials, both in-house at AWE and for commercial customers. The small size and low unit cost of the system meant it could be treated as a consumable, making it possible to collect data from locations that were previously inaccessible. As a result of this work, I was presented with the AWEClive Marsh Award 2012 for early-career achievement and innovation.
  • Seconded to the Safety Assessments team (2013) to assist with characterising threats associated with electrostatic discharges (ESD). Developed experimental and analytical methods to gather data in support of AWE’s safety case for continued operations, identified several previously unrecognised hazards and devised appropriate safety measures. Was presented with the AWE People’s Award 2015“for an outstanding contribution to production restart” and appointed as Technical Authority (Trident) for ESD

Technical Skills

  • “Antony’s contribution has been pivotal to [the project]... his energy, attitude, professionalism, excellent quality of work and standing in the eyes of [our strategic partner] makes him a real asset to [the company], and our ability to deliver” – Tom M., Group Leader
  • "Antony is a world-class researcher with deep technical insights across a range of disciplines and very well developed project management and presentation skills” – Dr. Mike B., Director
  • “We would highly recommend him for any employment in a similar role” – Dr. Don A., CEO
  • “It has been a great pleasure to make your acquaintance and to have had the privilege to take part of some of your fantastic work” – Kristin B., Customer

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