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Madeeha Zaheer
Qualification :
Public Health Practitioner
Industry :
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Public Health Practitioner

About our Client

I gained my Masters’ degrees in Public Health as well as Health Services Management, undertaking a few projects which involved research and comprehensive writing –Systematic Literature Review & Narrative Literature Review, which prove my ability in research within defined timeframes. Together with voluntary work, my personal and organizational skills as team-work, task-prioritisation and scheduling, critical thinking and analytical skills have nurtured. My academic performance has been consistent throughout with good grades which are a direct result of my commitment, sincerity, dedication, hard work and my excellent written and oral communication skills. Moreover, I enjoy working with people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds which altogether ensures thatI can meet the expectations of employers.


Professional Experience

Administration Volunteer, August 2018 – April 2020


Professional Internship in Aged Healthcare, May 2018 – June 2018

Assistant to Service Delivery Administrator


Health programme planning and evaluation, November 2016

Academic Project, Supervisor – Dr. Febi Dwirahmadi

Alcohol misuse or abuse in Australian Indigenous Communities: Community Needs Assessment and Complete Programme Plan focussing preventative measures.

It supported the delivery and implementation of a vast array of innovative communication and marketing campaigns; includes strategies that promoted the community-based, state-wide as well as mental health services; It measured and analysed communication outcomes; and involved monitoring, reviewing, and evaluation of data against objectives; Conducted SWOT analysis.


Applied field methods in Public Health, October 2016 

Academic presentation, Disaster management plan in response to Hurricane Matthew in Haiti


Public Health Practice, June 2016

Systematic Literature Review (Academic project)

Information technology-based food literacy interventions for young adults: A systematic literature review

Supervisors –A/Prof. Neil Harris and Lecturer Ernesta Sofije

It involved application of digital and social media communication practices to render knowledge of appropriate nutrition to be taken by young adults; solutions to the communication issues and nutrition needs of young adults besides planning and developing literacy interventions in food; conducted SWOT analysis.


Health Project, February 2016

Narrative Review(Academic Project)

An overview on evolved healthcare roles, their training pathways and an analysis of their effectiveness in Australia and other OECD countries: A narrative review

Supervisor –Mark Avery


Leadership Skills in Health Services Management, May 2015

Academic presentation  

Difference between leadership and managerial roles and critical evaluation of the importance of leadership in healthcare management


Master of Public Health, February 2016 – December 2016, Overall GPA: 5.42 / 7

• Master of Health Services Management, February 2015 – July 2016, Overall GPA: 5.88 / 7

Doctor of Medicine (M.D. – General Physician), November 2006 – June 2012



·     Analytical and critical thinking (constructive criticism)

·     Strategic Planning and Decision-making

·     Exceptional research skills

·     Problem-solving

·     Attention to detail

·     Verbal and Written Communication

·     Multi-tasking, Time-management, Prioritizing and Scheduling

·     Flexibility

·     Integrity

·     Resourceful work style

·      Database entry and upkeep

·      Answering telephone enquiries and attending to clients andvisitors

·      Proficiency in computer software - Microsoft Office suite

·      Internet and E-mail proficient

·      Proficient with Commcare app

·      Writing letters, reports, memos and minutes

·      Filing papers and documents

Technical Skills

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