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Derick Kruger
Qualification :
Project, Site and Sales Manager
Industry :
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Project, Site and Sales Manager

About our Client

Well-organised and efficient Project Manager/Administrator with current experience in the installation and sales of solar energy equipment. Skilled in creating and following processes, and using analytical and problem-solving skills to overcome both minor and major issues. Excel at motivating, training and managing teams and providing excellent customer service. Ability to work with and understand financial reports, and experienced in meeting tight deadlines whilst maintaining quality. Previous experience includes quality control in the metal manufacturing industry. Confident user of MS Office (Word and Excel) and MS Project to create schedules, project plans, and manage resources with knowledge and experience in IT and N3 qualifications in Electric.


  • Exceeded targets, I was a QA / Assistant Manager at a steel organisation, and we were working on a contract for a power station, manufacturing multiple structures that were essential to complete the project in time. All structures were built on a tight timeline to avoid Penalties and work to continue on the power station.  
  • Re-organised a system to make it work more efficiently. Worked as a manager in the receiving, painting and dispatch area at Vic. The 80 000 square laydown area traceability system was a complete mess, that came down to Items being lost or send out to wrong locations. By re-organising the complete laydown yard system with allocated areas and new Stock lists on all items of a project I managed to save the company time and money.  
  • Trained, inducted and coached new staff members.
  • Trained 25 staff members on how to use and execute a new Receiving and Dispatch system.
  • Actively contributed on team projects. Worked on building the structural steel works on new Soccer Stadiums around the country. With crucial timelines and understaffed as a manager at the time I have jumped in building structures myself and kept the staff motivated that we can do this.  
  • Contributed to outstanding customer service, and worked hand in hand with Alstom in the QA department on Structures built for them. After the project was completed, they sent the company a letter of appraisal thanking us for the high expertise and quality maintained throughout the contract.
  • Due to an overload of work and tight timeline schedules I identified that the work would not be done in time and through constant planning and timeline schedules we managed to complete work in time.  

Professional Experience

Project, Site and Sales Manager (Business Owner)


  • In charge of site visits, quotations, buying and selling Solar equipment for projects and shop
  • Manage teams to sites for installations and sometimes installing myself depending on workload
  • Hold meetings to discuss daily projects
  • Respond to client emails and send out Quotes
  • Buy stock for shop and projects from Suppliers
  • Conducting doing site meetings and visits on project and new Customers
  • Sign off on completed projects working hand in hand with accountant for invoicing

QA Manager/ Project Manager

Engineering, Metal Manufacturing

  • Planned schedules and liaised with clients
  • 3rd party inspection and estimating
  • Ordered and dispatched material and provided quotations

Dispatch Manager

Installation converters, Manufacturing

  • Delivered and received collection
  • Managing the yard and estimating

Quality Manager (QA)

Process Fabrication

  • Schedule planning and liaising with clients
  • 3rd Party Inspection
  • Estimating, project scheduling and dispatch expediting
  • Workshop management
  • Pulling out and ordering of material


Diploma in Fundamentals of Project Management

Diploma in Microsoft Project

Boilermaker Apprenticeship



Technical Skills

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