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Project Manager

Our client Divya is a Market Research and Project Management professional with 10 years of experience.

About Divya

Market research and project management professional with 10 years of experience managing clients, supporting business partners, suppliers, consultants and data analytics teams across the Asia Pacific region (including ASEAN countries; Australia, Japan, China & India). Expertise to lead and managing complex projects. Effective communicator, fostering positive and collaborative relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

Technical Skills

Project management

  • Questionnaire/Interview administration:
  • Design project plan and review with stakeholders on any ambiguity with the flow of the logic/instructions and ensure projects adherence to standard protocols.
  • Project Costing: Cost projection for the services and based on the needs of the project, review and alignment with the stakeholders in line with procedures. Maintain records for audit purposes.

Data management

  • Data/Sample Curing: Monitor that data (samples) used are following quotas sampling (not random), monitor the trends and ensure sampling procedures are followed as per the standards.
  • Coding Instructions: Write code frames and provide necessary briefing/instructions to the coding team.
  • Data Analysis: Review and Analyse the data from respondents to ensure the quality standards of the data as required or relevant to the project objectives.

Relationship management

  • Vendor Management: Briefing vendors on expectations& specifications of the project study. Ensure interviewing standards remain consistently high & adherence to ISO protocols during the project lifecycle.
  • Stakeholder Management: Periodic reviews with stakeholders on project progress and make necessary changes to meet project deadlines.
  • Team Player: Place significant importance on maintaining positive and collaborative working relationships with internal stakeholders and colleagues.


  • Successfully managed a multi-country project (prestigious & high revenue-generating consumer electronics client) and saved approximately USD $150,000 on project costs.
  • Increased Gallup ICE scores (Internal Customer Engagement) from an average of 3.83 in 2006 to 4.13 in 2007 by partnering with both domestic and international Gallup associates.  
  • Maximised business potential by providing excellent customer service and ensuring 100% client retention. Acquired new customers & retained base through proactive management of individual needs. Increased revenue (approximately. USD $10,000) by implementing effective sales strategies in all aspects of the sales cycle process from prospecting leads through to closing.    

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