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Velsri Sathianarayanan
Qualification :
Project Coordinator/ Administrator
Industry :
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Project Coordinator/ Administrator

About our Client

Project Coordinator/ Administrator with a Master's in Public Health and 7 years’ experience in project management and community capacity building in the not-for-profit sector. Proven leadership, communication and collaboration skills, experienced in delivering lectures and presentations both in person and online. Culturally aware with an understanding and respect for the diversity of other cultures and skilled in building and maintaining productive working relationships with a range of internal and external stakeholders. Enjoy coordinating, collaborating and contributing as a team to achieve common goals. Passion for working in the Social/Health Services sector to improve quality of life outcomes.


Skills Summary

• IT savvy: Windows and IOS, Microsoft Office, Google Suite, SPSS andR software for statistical analysis, EndNote software in the management of references for research articles, and QGIS software

• Technical writing: experienced in preparing preliminary technical reports for projects and programmes, including in-depth and comprehensive evaluation of projects and programmes

• Project management: managed projects from ground level to fruition including preparation of plans, budgets, materials, correspondences with organisers and participants

• Data analysis for projects and trainings conducted including analysis, generating graphs and reporting on the scores of participants for post-training exams

• Generate maps based on sampling, testing findings to illustrate the correlations and significance, including preparation of tables and summary of the findings based on statistical analysis

• Use multiple scheduling methods to keep workflow smooth with multiple projects to keep track of deadlines for projects, meetings, renewals and requirements, removing any last-minute surprises

Key Accomplishments

• Data management; prepared guidelines and trained team members on operating the new digital filing system that helped make filing and retrieving documents more efficient

• Training and competency management:introduced new competency management system that streamlined organisation’s training process, saving time and cost of needing to allocate specific staff to oversee progress onsite. This increased efficiency and reduced overall expenditure through ability to monitor trainings remotely

Documentation: prepared organisation-specific staff manual with guidelines, instructions, rules and regulations for all staff. This new document has since been revised twice in accordance with federal government changes to rules and is being used organisation-wide as an essential quick-reference manual

• Health and Safety Data Management: ensured essential safety and health documentations were available to employees by creating an online cloud link to key-in the data and changes will be reflected instantly. This process helped to speed up the reporting time for accidents and incidents to close to real-time

Data Entry: consolidated sampling and testing data from last 10 plus years into one standardised format, file, and cloud system to aid in easy reference. This ensured stress-free analysis for annual reports and article writing, also that future sampling and testing data are organised into one sustainable reference and management system.

Reporting: prepared more than 20 reports for various projects over the last 5 years. I have also prepared multiple reporting styles to serve as templates for quick preparation. Some notable reports in the field of biosafety trainings, sample collection were submitted to organisations such as World Health Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization, DefenceThreat Reduction Agency, United States Agency for International Development,EcoHealth Alliance, Ministry of Health- Malaysia

Training: involved in organising, managing and monitoring of more than 30 trainings programmes in last 5 years. These are capacity building training conducted both virtually and in person among personnel from various background such as doctors, veterinarian, lecturers, laboratory managers, rangers, policy makers and many more. These are trainings in the field of biosafety and biosecurity, data entry/ management, bioinformatics, animal sampling and sample collection

Professional Experience

Programme Coordinator/ Administrator, Aug 2017 - Present

Overview: Support administrative and organizational matters, including providing technical support on the management of sampling data and reporting, continuous database management and organizational support in all capacity building and training activities

• Prepare preliminary reports for projects and trainings and plan, manage and execute workshops

• Designed staff manual in line with local employment legislation and update it from time to time

• Coordinate regular communications with government partners, consultants, and other collaborators

• Handle data entry and financial reports and ensure office supplies are maintained, including checking inventory

• Manage confidentiality and security of files and filing systems (both physical and cloud).

• Coordinate schedules, arrange meetings, distribute memos and reports and ensure that everyone is kept current on necessary company news and information

• Render maps using QGIS software for research article publications

Family Planning and Sexual Reproductive Health Officer, May 2016 – May 2017

Overview: Developed proposals, cost estimation, managed and conducted activities, and prepared detailed reports based on evaluations. 

• Assisted fellow project officers to prepare preliminary proposals for projects

• Developed proposal, cost estimation, activities, and monitored and evaluated projects

• Liaised with external parties on project-related issues (funders, governmental organisations, corporate organisations, and other NGOs)

• Developed detailed project implementation, financing and evaluation reports

• Attended conferences, task force meetings & discussions with funders, governmental organisations, corporate organisations and other NGOs on formulation or revision of policy/act/guidelines

• Conducted training and talks in relation to Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)

Nutritionist (Hospital Internship), Dec 2013 – March 2014

• Conducted Health talks to fellow hospital staff every month

• Provided nutritional counselling to in ward patients and outpatients and conducted 5-week weight loss program

• Worked in tray ­line and delivery of food to wards and prepared meal plans


• Master of Medical Science in Public Health (2016)

• Bachelor in Clinical Nutrition (Honours) 2015


• My experience in Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights sparked my interest in working with children conducting Sex Education talks and programmes. This includes few talks conducted on “Bad Touch and Good Touch” and“Effect of Sex on Physical, Social, Emotional and Economics”

• Active member of not-for-profit organisation “Reproductive Cadre on Sexuality Education and Queries (RCSEQ)”

• Part of H.O.P.E Charitable initiative where members work together in crowdfunding for vulnerable populations

• Enjoy doing different types of makeup and makeover (special effects-SFX, bridal, fashion etc.)

• Reading and listening to audiobooks on self-help, fiction and non-fiction.

• Love spending time on home organizations and do-it-yourself projects. I find immense joy in repurposing common household items into multifunctional art pieces


Technical Skills

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