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Prasanna Ihalage
Qualification :
Production Manager
Industry :
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Production Manager

About our Client

Innovative Production Manager with experience in day-to-day operations, team management, and using Lean manufacturing methodologies. Skilled in managing efficient, timely, and quality production processes, and ability to operate at a strategic level across QA, planning, reporting, improvements, and H&S. Committed to sustainability from supply chain to energy conservation. Highly organised with excellent communication and problem-solving ability, and an appreciation of developing people as a valuable resource.


Skills Snapshot

▪ Training, leading, and coaching to get the best out of a team

▪ Knowledge of production/machinery workflows and continuous improvement

▪ Hands-on technical skills relating to mechanical aspects of machinery

▪ Competent in using and understanding various IT systems and production-related tools (RF scanning, WMS, Production Planning Tools, ERP systems). (is this correct?)

▪ Understanding of HACCP, ISO, compliance audits, CT-PAT

▪ Setting annual budgets and conducting monthly reviews

▪ Preventive maintenance and troubleshooting

▪ DIFOT, GMP, daily cleaning checklists, ETP, ETP waste, HRIS meetings

▪ Health and Safety protocols and OSHA regulations

▪ Procurement and Supply Chain, Quality Control and Quality Assurance

▪ Research and development, and analysis of manufacturing data and decision-making

Professional Experience

Factory Manager

Plan, direct and coordinate holistic manufacturing operations while improving and implementing a functional and customised Operational Management System with an annual production of 36 million pairs of household glove operation (170 employees)

  • Oversee operations including machinery/factory maintenance
  • Ensure efficient production and maintain quality standards
  • Manage resources to meet organisational goals
  • Production oversight, resource management, safety compliance and quality control
  • Budgeting, cost control and budget reviews
  • Team and supply chain management
  • Lead morning briefings, monitor production, conduct safety Inspections and quality checks
  • Meet with suppliers and report to senior management

Key Accomplishments

▪ Reduced machine downtime by real application of preventive maintenance program (Below 6%) and increased productivity through modification of the heating system in the curing ovens

▪ Increased first-pass quality performance by improving the line quality at the real-time application of corrective actions by sharing ‘know–how' knowledge of well-experienced employees

▪ Zero per cent of FRC (Final Release Quality) in Packing operation and 100% achievement of DIFOT against budgeted export volumes

▪ Cut idle time in the “Boiler operation” and “Production changes” through the development of infrastructure, teamwork applications, sharing knowledge in work groups and deployment of organisational development (Budgeted hours 12 reduced to 8 hours) 

▪ Applied “LEAN Manufacturing Initiatives” for productivity improvements and started training initiatives for the “Team Work” building in work groups

▪ Increased the daily line output by modifications of the curing ovens. Mainly re-adjusting the airflow system

▪ Reduced extra production /overproduction by maintaining the line quality at 97% and maintaining the batch passing percentage at 100%

Production Manager    

Managed the manufacturing process with monthly production worth the equivalent of more than NZ $3 Million, mainly for Spicy products/chicken flavours/cheese flavours and special noodles. (120 employees)

  • Oversaw the entire production process, including ingredient sourcing, equipment maintenance, quality control, and scheduling to ensure efficient noodle production
  • Managed inventory levels, equipment maintenance, safety compliance, team management, training new employees
  • Prepared documentation, prepared reports, and maintained production records
  • Monitored and reduced production costs

Key Accomplishments

▪ Increased the monthly production of NZ $600K to NZ $3 Million, achieved mainly through allocating day and night shifts for the factory operation and introducing “New Products” to the market

▪ Increased productivity by reducing wastage in the noodle dough sheet rolling process. Wastage was reduced through roller rehabilitation as smooth surfaces in all rollers

▪ Product diversification - Direct contribution of “Noodle Snack” production by the same noodle production line

▪ Electricity saving by introducing an “oil heating system via Condensate” 

▪ Enhanced the production capacity -Doubled the “Dry Noodle” production capacity by allocating steamer requirements and dryer requirements

▪ Direct involvement with the IT department to implement the “ERP System” and administration.
All sources required to initiate the system in the practical environment were provided by me which is from the Process Mapping to BOM construction (Build of Material)

Packing Plant Manager

  • Overall operation of the packing plant: Production/Packing planning as per the monthly order, Instructions of labour allocation, daily stock verifications, shipment planning and delegate with the shipping department
  • Planning the packing process, cool room arrangement, chilling plant conditions and maintenance coordination with the maintenance engineer
  • Packing material ordering, a process which material ordering to end product packing and shipping


Master of Business Administration (MBA)- Australian Institute of Business, Adelaide, South Australia 

Bachelor of Science

Diploma in Production Management

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Professional Diploma in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Level

▪ Internal Auditing as per the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System

▪ Steam Engineering Workshop, Faculty of Engineering

▪ Food Hygiene and “ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems


Enjoy playing cricket, exploring nature, motivating others and creating effective relationships with work groups


Technical Skills

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