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Valentina Gonzalez
Qualification :
Procurement Specialist
Industry :
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Procurement Specialist

About our Client

Supply Chain/Procurement professional with 10+years’ experience. Skilled in Project Management using methodologies such as LEAN, AGILE and SCRUM, as well as Microsoft Excel to analyse and solve numerical problems. Committed to continuous improvement, good negotiation skills, and expertise in competitive bidding processes, indicator design, and the development of cost-effective solutions. Proven capability in stakeholder communication and experience in working collaboratively with cross-functional teams. Good understanding of NZ workplace culture through having previously lived and worked in NZ for one year.


  • Led a bidding process in 2017 for cleaning services for the entire subway network, with a total budget of USD 168.2 million, resulting in an 11.75% saving
  • In an Internal Climate Survey, achieved 90% overall satisfaction in the team, against 71% obtained by the entire area in an Internal Climate Survey
  • Member of a multidisciplinary team to collect information, design, propose and implement continuous improvement initiatives, resulting in the implementation of a document manager to monitor procurement processes which involved mapping the entire sourcing process flow
  • Reviewed and rewrote Metro corporate acquisitions manual
  • Manager comment on 2020 performance evaluation: “She has earned the respect of her peers and users, becoming a reference in the area. She stands out for her excellent disposition and knowledge of her role.”

Professional Experience

Supply Manager

Dec 2019 –current

• Lead a team of 6 in the purchases of services, back office, and income. Participate in the restructuring of Supply and Contract area and support the establishment of new strategic supply procedures.

• Ensure that the purchasing team performs the analysis of all the variables involved in an acquisition: what is going to be purchased, time required, amount, term, suppliers; and the decision-making to manage the purchase complying with the guidelines described in the Corporate Procurement Manual

• Identify suppliers that comply with the company's standards, taking all the safeguards to avoid conflicts of interest or other situations that may generate some risk in the process


• Attained the best qualifications of the 2020 period, within the Supply Area in a client survey  which showed an increase in the commitment of workers and clients These indicators are measured with anInternal Client Survey and an Internal Climate Survey, in which the workers evaluate their individual satisfaction as part of the area, obtaining 90% overall satisfaction.

Supply Engineer

Dec 2011 —Nov 2019

• Led, developed, implemented and controlled the strategy for the acquisition of goods and services by carrying out efficient purchasing processes, seeking to maximize the satisfaction of the user area experience, and ensuring the performance of competitive and transparent processes that comply with the standards, current policies and supply strategies


Category Manager                                                                                                                        

• Defined and optimised strategies for purchasing and contracting services

• Managed purchases of paper for the printing of newspapers and magazines, managing a total of USD $1.5 million budget per month

• Participated in a project to acquire a modern Dutch press resulting in more efficient printing of newspapers and magazines and optimising human resources


Between April 2015 and May 2020, I also managed a specialty coffee business, including supply chain, HR, and social media (5 employees)


Bachelor of Industrial Engineering

Professional Development Training Includes:

• Assertive Communication, Key to Achieving Quality Objectives

• Effective Communication, Transform Consultants

• Cost engineering

• Negotiation and Leadership Course, Icare

• Investment Technical Analysis Course, Forestrike

• Advanced Excel


• I enjoy sports in general and played volleyball for the university

• During university breaks I was involved with an organisation which provided basic housing solutions for the homeless, and organised children's activities in schools


Technical Skills

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