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Procurement Specialist
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Procurement Specialist

About our Client

Accomplished supply chain professional with a strong background in operational and corporate procurement, including 10+ years of experience with International Finance Corporation (IFC) World Bank Group. Skilled in performing risk analysis to influence complex procurement decisions, developing strategies, planning, and managing the diverse demands for sourcing. Effective people and relationship management skills and experience in dealing with diverse teams and high-profile projects. Professional Member of The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS).


• Contributed to the World Bank Group corporate initiative for the inclusive procurement to strengthen market access for Women-Owned Businesses.

• Supported corporate procurement initiative, Business Forum

• Addressed risk management for the IFC, WBG projects in South Asia FCS countries

• Carried outspend and risk analysis to increase process effectiveness

• Developed need-based procurement training modules and delivered regional training

• Introduced and promoted Master Agreement and blanket purchase orders (BPO) through competitive bidding. This ensured procurement process effectiveness and delivered the best value for money

• As a trainer, contributing to corporate induction program for new staff.

Professional Experience

Associate Procurement Officer, 2012 - Current

International Finance Corporation (IFC), World Bank Group (WBG),


1. Developing Procurement Strategy:

· Conduct annual spend and risk analysis across the region

· Draft regional procurement strategy for IFC Procurement Unit’s (CBAPC)

· Develop procurement plans in liaison with task teams and stakeholders

· Assist CBAPC in developing, updating and implementing procurement strategy, policies and procedures

· Identify operational gaps in procurement and contract management procedures and recommend improvements to achieve operational efficiency

· Keep abreast of WBG procurement policies and procedures and ensure they are communicated and implemented.

· Assess procurement capability of clients to handle procurement executed by IFC

2. Supporting the Procurement Selection Process:

· Provide clearances to operational procurements within certain thresholds

· Provide guidance to staff responsible for administrative procurements.

· Review selections and provide advice to mitigate the risk of mis-procurement

· Assist staff in identifying potential conflict of interests (COIs) and guide further

· Act as a point of reference for eConsultant2 system for non-technical issues

3. Training and Sharing Knowledge:

· Develop annual procurement training plan for the region based on the needs

· Develop need-based training modules and conduct procurement trainings.

· Raise awareness on selection process and contract management issues by sharing various challenges and lessons learned.

· Keep abreast of new information shared via SharePoint and IFC Procurement website.

4. Monitoring compliance and reporting:

· Monitor compliance issues and escalate the non-compliance matters to CBAPC.

· Review and interpret regional procurement data for CBAPC

· Prepare procurement reports and provide CBAPC with analytics as needed.

· Ensure that the region has streamlined process for contract issuance

Procurement Analyst, 2003- 2012

International Finance Corporation (IFC), World Bank Group


· Conduct routine reviews of procurement selections in compliance with procurement guidelines to yield expected outcome.

·  Advise task teams in monitoring project procurements and clearance processes.

·  Analyze data and advise task teams in carrying out procurement transactions

·  Develop standard procurement correspondences and templates.

·  Provides a first level recommendations on bidding process and documentations

·  Guide task teams in responding to bidders’ questions in the event of solicitation

·  Develops training modules and conduct need based procurement trainings.

·  Help facilitate inquiries on contract status using SAP.

Procurement Assistant, 1999- 2003

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), World Bank Group


·  Track procurement transaction flow and monitor procurement actions pending

·  Provide extracted data and information for procurement workshops and training.

·  Maintain procurement records and assist the users in retrieving pertinent information

·  Provides statistical inputs from the system to develop quarterly procurement reports

·  Draft standard routine correspondences for the clearance of procurement transaction

·  Update database on mis-procurement, post review contracts and trainings, etc.

Program Officer, Health & Population Unit, 1996 - 1999


·  Assist in updating project disbursement profile to reflect changes in forecast and expenditure for Council managed projects.

·  Prepare local contracts for professional and support staff

·  Manage in-country consultancy administration in liaison with the project team leaders.

·  Manage annual country training specifications contract implementation including management of training awards.

·  Implementation of contracted activities including delegated responsibility for management of ad-hoc contracts ensuring services are delivered as contracted

Program Administrator, Health & Population Unit, 1995 - 1996


·  Preparation and implementation of in-country training courses and workshops

· Coordination with in coming short-term consultant to the field. 

· Responsibility for the overall administration of training awards, this includes:

· Liaise with partner institutions to keep them informed of the training award progress.

· Carryout initial interviews and screening of candidates’ nomination in line with BritishCouncil (BC)/DFID requirements for clearances

· Prepare formal BC application, monitoring the progress of confirmed placement

· Prepare formal offer letter and arrange individual briefings providing documentation for required clearance from the concerned departments.

Assistant Administration Officer, 1992 - 1995


· Supervise office administration and management

· Maintain all international and local correspondences

· Responsible for invoicing and payments

· Collect and analyze data/information for the ongoing project

· Maintain books of accounts

· Maintain and supervision of project vehicles


· MSc in Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

· Bachelor of Arts


· CIPS Diploma in strategic public procurement

· CIPS Advanced certification in public procurement

· CIPS Introductory certification in public procurement.

· Diploma in EU public procurement

· ITC-ILO Diploma in Selection and Recruitment of Consultants in World Bank funded projects



• Spend and risk analysis

• Proposal evaluation

• Contract & sourcing management

• Planning & implementation

• Strategic partnership

• Leveraging

• Contract negotiation

• Training and coaching

• Process development

• Supplier relationship management

• Market research

• Category management

Technical Skills

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