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Laston Chakanyuka Shoniwa 
Qualification :
Procurement Manager
Industry :
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Procurement Manager

About our Client

A qualified Procurement Specialist, with 25 years of extensive knowledge and experience of inbound, intra site and outbound logistics. Support and implement overall business strategies and initiatives drawing synergies across divisions, bringing enhanced standards of excellence throughout the organisation, and leading innovation throughout.


Professional Experience

Procurement Manager

Overview: Oversee the annual procurement budget of USD $20 million on commodities such as capital equipment, fuel and oils, forestry equipment, chemicals, sawmilling spares, motor vehicle spares, PPE, and medical supplies for our clinics. I am also responsible for the transportation of timber to our retail outlets throughout the country.

  • Confer with supply chain planners to forecast demand or create supply plans that ensure availability of materials or products all the time.
  • Define performance metrics for measurement, comparison, or evaluation of supply chain factors, such as product cost and quality.
  • Analyse inventories to determine how to increase inventory turns, reduce waste, or optimise customer service.
  • Develop procedures for coordination of supply chain management with other functional areas, such as sales & marketing, finance, production & quality assurance.
  • Negotiate prices and terms with suppliers, vendors, and freight forwarders.
  • Meet with suppliers to discuss performance metrics, to provide performance feedback, & to discuss production forecasts or changes.
  • Design & implement supply chains that support business strategies adapted to changing market conditions, new business opportunities, or cost reduction strategies.
  • Manage activities related to strategic or tactical purchasing, material requirements planning, inventory control, warehousing, or receiving.
  • Monitor supplier performance to assess ability to meet quality and delivery requirements.
  • Collaborate with other departments, such as production, engineering, and quality assurance, to identify and evaluate new suppliers.
  • Appraise vendor manufacturing ability through on-site visits and measurements.
  • Evaluate and select information or other technology solutions to improve tracking and reporting of materials or products distribution, storage, & inventory.

Procurement Officer

  • Identify vendors of materials, equipment and services and interview them in order to determine product availability and terms of sale.
  • Purchase needed supplies and equipment by competitive bidding, quotations and negotiations in compliance with organisational policy.
  • Assist operations in budget preparation by providing data on price trends, market conditions, new products, comparative prices.
  • Provide cost estimates for equipping new or existing facilities; prepare bidding documents and award orders as required.
  • Work with the warehouse personnel and vendors to ensure proper receipt of goods and payment.
  • Maintain accurate and complete purchasing records as required.
  • Resolve vendor or contractor grievances and claims against suppliers.
  • Prepare reports regarding market conditions and merchandise costs.
  • Liaise with clearing agents and officials on importation of goods and ensuring users are informed of logistics progress.
  • Evaluate and select information or other technology solutions to improve tracking and reporting of materials or products distribution, storage, or inventory.
  • Analyse market and delivery systems to assess present and future material availability.

Previous experience includes Junior Buyer, Warehouse Assistant and Warehouse Clerk


Master of Science Degree in Supply Chain Management

Graduate Diploma in Procurement and Supply

Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply

Foundation Diploma in Procurement and Supply

Diploma in Marketing Management

Diploma in Purchasing and Materials Management



Technical Skills

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