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Name :
Prem Singh
Qualification :
Primary School Teacher
Industry :
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Primary School Teacher

About our Client

NZ Registered Teacher with Primary School level experience and currently leads a curriculum area in Mathematics and English. Skilled in bringing out the best with minimal resources, readily adapting to challenging situations, and easily developing rapport with students. Supportive colleagues with a positive attitude and regularly provide mentoring for beginning teachers. Strong analytical,problem-solving, and decision-making skills with a positive attitude. Qualified with a Diploma in Education and MA in English.

Teaching Philosophy

A strong believer in individual potential and ensuring a safe and liberal environment where every student enjoys learning. Hence my philosophy isto create an atmosphere where the mind, body & soul of young learners work together to let them grow physically, mentally, emotionally & socially


  • In-depth understanding of child development with expertise in identifying individual learning needs
  • Skilled in planning, preparing and customising learning for varied abilities
  • Use effective teaching methods with experience in teaching different age groups and composite classes
  • Understanding of children's social skills development, behaviour   and classroom management techniques
  • Good at writing reports and communicating with parents to enhance student learning
  • Computer skills in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and good research skills
  • Teach all subjects with a flair for teaching mathematics and ESOL

Professional Experience

Teacher Nov 2022 - Present

Clayton Park Primary (Part-Time)

Teacher Nov 2001 - October 2022


  • Lead positive change in administration and operations of the school by managing relationships between the staff and the principal along with a full-time classroom teacher’s position
  • School Management CommitteeConvener, responsible for the school’s welfare. I host the stage, organise meetings, set the agenda and represent the school at the local community level
  • In charge of maintenance with responsibilities for the best use of funds in repair and care of school buildings and facilities and filing financial accounts
  • Parents Teachers Association Convener and in charge of building maintenance
  • Managed the relationship between staff and the principal
  • Designed and implemented numeracy and literacy curriculum
  • Made special efforts for non-performing students
  • Modified instructional materials and strategies to accommodate different learning styles

In addition to working as a full-time Teacher, I worked part-time as an English Language Trainer (Sept2012 to June 2019) training adult students in IELTS, PTE, TOEFL & business English


  • Master of Arts (English)
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Diploma in Education (Education& Teaching of Intermediate Classes)


Professional Development Training

  • 2 days training on School Management Committee’s operations, 1-day workshop on e-learning, 3 days seminar on the Right to Education, 2 Days workshop on action research, 2 Weeks Course on Immersion & teaching of Children withSpecial Needs
  • Delivered workshops in private schools in Delhi on Phonology & Phonetics as well as parent workshops


  • Love exploring the application of phonetics in raising literacy
  • Enjoy cycling & cooking Indian vegetarian dishes
  • Planting & tilling vegetables


Technical Skills

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