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Horacio Islas Ramirez
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About our Client

Physiotherapist with a track record of making a difference by reducing the long-term impact of disease and injury and providing both short and long-term therapy. Experience includes Physical Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Palliative Care, Patient Management,Thanatology, Disabilities, First Aid and CPR Covid-19 protocols and Instruction/Facilitation.Qualified with a Bachelor of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation and a Master of Hospital Administration and Public Health.


• Worked as a physiotherapist for Sporting events such as Davis Cup, special Olympics, and Beijing Olympics Mexican

• Carried out anti-doping protocols at the Taekwondo World Championships

• Worked as an instructor in First Aid with the Swimming & Triathlon Association, with the annual walk to prevent cancer for women, and the National Week for Youth Health Promotion

Professional Experience

Physiotherapist, Private Practice, Jan 2007- present

• Provide treatment to disabled and injured patients and rehabilitation in sports medicine

• Perform initial assessments and verify diagnosis using laboratory studies

• Manage patient files and the physiotherapeutic treatment process

Successes include:

Patient (48 years) presented radicular compression in the lumbar area of the spine with a lack of sensibility of the left leg after 4 months of evolution and taking daily medication. He started treatment for disc herniation at L5, S1 and disc protrusion at L4, and L5 because of scoliosis and lateralization of the hip. In the 1st month of treatment, he stopped taking medication and in the 2nd month, the pain and inflammation disappeared. The radicular compression was removed, and the spine and hip were corrected, today he is working without any symptoms and is not taking any medication.

• Patient (National Champion, Badminton) was treated for a fascicular rupture of the Achilles tendon and had previously undergone two surgeries with grafts. Results: 2nd Place in National Youth Olympics and became a representative for the Pan American Games at the 1st World Youth Olympic Games in Singapore

• Patient (Olympic athlete) treated for Achilles tendon injury, recovering 100% of his physical fitness and achieving medals at the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro and the Beijing Olympics

• 4-year-old patient with a fracture of the right ilium, ischium, tibia and fibula, with injury to the pelvic floor caused by a car accident. Having undergone 2 surgical procedures with grafts, six months before the treatment she was unable to maintain a standing position. After more than 3 years of uninterrupted therapy, she walks again, moreover, she runs and is functionally normal.

64-year-old patient who suffered a cerebrovascular event (CVD) with right lateral hemiparesis and who regained 100% mobility after 1 year of uninterrupted therapy.


Additional employment:

• Anti-Doping Officer, 2011-2012

Department of Medical Services & Academic Relations National Commission for Physical Culture and Sports

• Head of the Department of Physical Therapy,  
Institute of Physical Culture and Sports, 2007-2010

• Physiotherapist,
Olympic Committee, 2009

Since August 2016 I have also been employed as a lecturer/tutor in Skeletal Musculoskeletal Anatomy, Physiotherapeutic Assessment, NeurologicalPhysiotherapy, Physical Therapy, and Rehabilitation in Sports Injuries


• Bachelor of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation (2010 – 2014)

• Master of Hospital Administration and Public Health (2014 – 2017)


World Health Organization Training

• Diploma in The Integral Approach to the Patient With Chronic Diseases (Jan 2022)

• Infection Prevention and Control (PCI) by COVID-19 (2020)

• E–PROTEC, respiratory infections (2020)

• Proper use of PPE in the face of COVID-19 (2020)

• New respiratory viruses incl. SARS-CoV2, Methods of detection, prevention, response and control (2020)

• WHO COVID-19. Mass Gatherings Risk Assessment Training. (2020)

• Basic microbiology. (2020)

• SARS-CoV-2 Antigen rapid diagnostic testing (WHO) December 2021


Additional Professional Development Training

• Protocols for the safe return to work against COVID-19 (2020)

• Obesity Prevention and Care, online-January 12 (2022)

• Prevention and Care of Hypertension, online January 13 (2022)

• Diabetic Foot Care and Prevention Diabetic, online- January 17 (2022)

• Non-pharmacological approach to chronic diseases, online- January 20 (2022)

• Basic microbiology. Online- June 11 (2020)

• Certificate OMDAI-FIA Institute. August 28, 29 and 30 (2009)

• Special Olympics Certified Coach (2007)

• First Aid & CPR

• Motorsports Driver Safety and Life Support

• Rheumatology

• Prevention of Addictions and Promotion of Healthy Behaviours

• Operation of the Disability and Children’s CIF Health

• InternationalFederation of Sports Medicine: Team Physicians Course


• Experience as an athlete (American Football player, national Tae Kwon Do champion and national Olympic wrestling champion)

• Have taught folkloric dance classes to people with disabilities since secondary school, and one of the most important tools to work with them is patience. So, I have more than 30 years of working with special people and allowed me to win more than 30 medals in different competitions in one year

• Was a volunteer with the "Equal but Different" Association from 2007 to 2011

• Spending quality time with my family on the weekends, for example walking on the beach, having breakfast, lunch, and dinner together and going to the movies

• Enjoy functional exercise and work with fixed bars from Monday to Saturday and do aerobic work running 15 km 3 times a week and pedalling on a stationary bike 15km two times a week, and swimming once a week

• Reading books on medicine, physical therapy, rehabilitation, nutrition, and physical training


• The use of equipment such as ultrasound, laser, electrotherapy, microwave, magnetotherapy

• Application of physical agents such as heat, cold, water, infrared light, hot compresses, clinical massage therapy, water therapy, wax therapy

• Exercise physiology, neurology, anatomy, and biomechanics are applied in physical therapy and respiratory therapy.

• First Aid and CPR applied in sports injuries

• The use of Thanatology for people with grief processes and terminal illness

• Working with people with Down Syndrome, autism, generalized psychomotor retardation, PCI’s, and intellectual disability

Technical Skills

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