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Medical Laboratory Scientist
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Medical Laboratory Scientist

About our Client

Meticulous and detail-oriented Medical Laboratory Scientist with 8 years’ experience in providing technical and scientific support and high-quality service to clients. Excellent attention to detail and adherence to laboratory protocol and the safe handling, processing and storage of specimens. Quick learner focused on continuous quality improvement and skilled in the operation and maintenance of laboratory instrumentation. Proven ability to work under pressure as demonstrated during the waves of CoVID-19 when hundreds of tests needed to be processed a day. Communicate effectively with patients/clients, colleagues, and other health professionals and enjoy working as a collaborative team member as well as autonomously.


Professional Experience

Medical Technologist Dec 2016 – Present

Overview: perform testing of human blood or body fluids to detect and quantify viral nucleic acid or human genetic mutation in the diagnosis and monitoring of viral infection or cancer

• Perform automated and manual isolation of DNA and RNA

• Quantitative and qualitative detection of nucleic acid using real-time PCR

• Maintenance and troubleshooting of laboratory instrumentation

•  Manage inventory, storage, and ordering for the laboratory's largest supplier


Medical Technologist Aug 2014 – Dec 2016

Overview: performed testing of human peripheral blood to provide appropriate blood products to patients as well as managing those blood products

• Performed all testing required to provide blood products to patients, including typing and discrepancy resolution, antibody screen and identification, phenotyping, crossmatch, and quality control and maintenance of reagents and instrumentation

• Managed blood products to ensure necessary inventory was available for patient transfusion, including proper storage and transportation of blood products

• Communicated with hospital staff to determine patient care needs and prioritized critical transfusions


Between Marchand Sep 2010, I was employed as an Office Operations Supervisor with theL A West Central Local Census Office, CA, supervising a staff of 10-20 office clerks and managing the processing of census data


Research Technician May 2007 – Aug 2009

• Colony Manager: Maintained opossum and mouse colony populations through breeding, supervised undergraduates in daily care of animals, and maintained animal facilities and supplies according to AALAS and IACUC regulations

• Lab Manager: Maintenance and organization of lab, disposed of hazardous wastes, ordered lab supplies, supervised and assisted undergraduates with lab work

Research Technician: Performed lab work for Principal Investigator’s research on embryonic development of Grey short-tailed opossum (Monodelphis domestica)


Research/Administrative Assistant (while studying) Jan2005 - May 2007

• Assistant to department professor (principal investigator of a research lab)

• Completed clerical work needed for classes and research

• Prepared and renewed grant proposals and researched articles

• Carried out teaching-related tasks such as grading tests, updating the course website, and preparing PowerPoint slides from lecture notes


• American Society for Clinical Pathology Certification, MLS (2014)

Emory Healthcare Medical Laboratory Science Program

This program awards a certificate of completion, but the official certification that allows me to work in this profession is through ASCP, which does not offer a course of study or training but has a board of certification to maintain professional credentials.


• CLS certificate program (2013)

• Bachelor of Science (major: Biology, minor: Chemistry (2007)


• Volunteered as an animal keeper at a Feline Conservation Center

•  Enjoy getting out of the busy city to take walks in nature

• Learning about history and philosophy from people around the world to expand my perspective

•  Media analysis and reading fantasy and science fiction – Terry Pratchett is my favourite author

•  Tabletop role-playing games with friends where we collaborate in storytelling

•  Crafting like crochet, macramé, resin, painting furniture, and practising singing

I approach life like a scientist at home as much as at work, and nothing satisfies me more than successful data, you will hear me softly say "oh, beautiful" to the computer when I see an r^2 of 0.999


Technical Skills

• PCR and real-time PCR

• White blood cell isolation

• Manual and automated extraction ofDNA/RNA

• Quantitative analysis of detected nucleic acid using standard curve method

• Blood banking skills (manual or automated): ABORh typing, antibody screening and identification, red cell phenotyping, serologic crossmatch


Less current skills include: Light microscopy, Embryo dissection, Gel electrophoresis, Bacteria culture, Gene cloning and transformation and in situ hybridization

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