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Hong Yuan Chen
Qualification :
Marketing Manager
Industry :
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Marketing Manager

About our Client

Marketing professional with in-depth knowledge of China/SE Asia markets, and experience in sports apparel, education, hardware/software, and leadership consulting. Skilled in digital marketing (SEO, SEM) and media optimisation, conducting research for both internal business and external marketing and forecasting business trends. Keen awareness of major media channels, consumer insight, integrated marketing, media planning, and knowledge of the AI space. Genuine love for understanding root causes and coming up with viable and creative solutions.


Doubled region new contact acquisition in 1 quarter by utilising regional/global and external resources to create campaigns with webinars as centre piece, emailing, paid and organic social programs as supporting and promoting channels

Digitalised/streamlined SEA region contact/lead import/assign/convert/qualify process among CRM, Markets and 3rd party platforms

Increased APAC marketing qualified leads(MQL) quantity by 120+% YoY by planning digital marketing strategy, coordinating agency & regional resources

Professional Experience

APAC Marketing Campaign Manager      

  • Coordinate marketing resources to achieve campaign objectives
  • Develop campaign strategies, budgets, metrics settings, performance reviews, and channel strategies

Marketing Manager

  • Leveraged ASEAN, China and global resources to build brand awareness and generate leads for business growth
  • Guided marketers in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand on local marketing activities
  • Managed regional campaigns to generate leads for Southeast Asia with tactics like monthly newsletter for existing contacts, paid social ad for recruiting new contacts, leads qualification, and social advocacy programs
  • Increased YTD sales ready leads by 40+% 
and boosted YTD new contact acquisition by 90% 

  • Led regional digital campaigns with local marketers’ support, by utilizing 
tactics & channels, such as webinar, landing page, emailing, paid ads, organic 
social posts, and regional partnership
  • Guaranteed marketing efforts trackable and actionable by streamlining SEA 
region contact and leading acquire/import/verify/assign/qualify process among CRM, 
Marketo and 3rd party platforms 

  • Trained and guided SEA marketers and colleagues on social sharing, trackable 
data, D365, Marketo and CMS good practices
  • Enabled sales team with initiatives like active account/contact sharing

Marketing Manager

  • Built brand awareness and generate leads for APAC countries, Singapore, India, Australia, Japan and China
  • Managed APAC websites(subfolders) content update, search engine
  • Headed APAC paid campaign on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google
  • Researched markets to guide sales team to focus on certain industries in different countries
  • Increased APAC marketing qualified leads (MQL) quantity by 120+% YoY by planning digital marketing strategy, coordinating agency & regional resources 

  • Decreased MQL cost 50%-89% on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn Ads 

  • Contributing universal website SEO, by leading Japan, India, Singapore, 
and Australia sub-directories revamp
  • Coordinated developer team efforts and guiding specialist for APAC pages SEO 

  • Contributed to APAC marketing by managing initiatives like next-step plan, creative 
asset guidelines, product launch go-to-market plans, solutions pitching slides 

  • Prioritised industries for each APAC country sales team to focus during
pandemic by analysing macro trends, business environments & recognising 
recovering sectors 

  • Managed China marketing, e.g., annual plans, agencies sourcing and 
negotiation, WeChat planning, marketing collaterals and offline events

Marketing Manager

  • Used data, insight sharing to provide integrated media strategy and plan to advertiser in sports apparel industry
  • Paid search suggestion, search trends, account analysis, in-feed display ad suggestion to brand advertisers/agencies
  • Increased sports and men’s apparel industry revenue by 30% ~ 148%+ YoY by presenting, sharing actionable industry insights and trends to agencies & clients

  • Managed x-function projects, e.g., retargeting campaign with product team to double key account ROI & spending
  • Contributed to 2 innovative AR projects worth millions RMB in 2018 by giving keynote on workshop to 100+ attendees composed of clients and partners 

  • Exceeded every seasonal revenue goal with sales colleagues 


Bachelor of Information Management and Information Systems

Bachelor of Business

Google Certifications of Digital Sales, Google Ads Fundamentals, Mobile, Video, Advanced Google Analytics


  • Enjoy spending time outdoors, watching sports, swimming, and socialising with friends
  • Reading books related to marketing and investing
  • Listening to live music, especially classical and jazz


Technical Skills

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