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John (Jake) Weinheimer
Qualification :
Marketing Director
Industry :
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Marketing Director

About our Client

Marketing Director with over 8 years experience and unique insight into marketing and advertising practices across various industries. Passionate about sustainability and the outdoors, with a strong focus on results-driven marketing strategies. Increased traffic and revenue for one client by over 250%, and increased target market by over 200%. Skilled in various analytical tools, digital and social media management, and conversion optimization, amongst others.


Key Skills

✓  Paid Search

✓  Lead Generation

✓  Digital  Performance Marketing

✓  Social Media  Marketing

✓  SEO

✓  Marketing Strategy

✓  Customer  Acquisition

✓  Website Management

✓  Shopify/eCommerce  Platforms

✓  Technology  Integration & Automation

✓  User Experience Optimisation

✓  Conversion Optimisation

✓  Video Production  & Editing

✓  Photography &  Photo Editing

✓  Graphic Design

✓  Motion Graphics

✓  Budget Management

Professional Experience

Director of Marketing & Business Operations, Owner

August 2017 - Present

•  Created and executed paid media advertising strategies to increase leads and revenue for clients

•  Developed comprehensive marketing strategies for clients to increase market share and grow revenue in various industries

•  Increased traffic and revenue for one particular client by over 250% by developing and implementing a new website, a streamlined CRM system and automation to decrease duplicate work and increase qualified customers by 200%

•  Led strategy and implementation of SEO tactics to increase organic visibility for our clients on search engines and other digital platforms

•  Used Google (and other) Analytics to monitor and optimize performance marketing channels

•  Created and designed systems for eCommerce companies to provide them with streamlined processes from marketing initiatives for customer acquisition, to sales, to fulfilment

•  Led a team of 5 people to design and implement eCommerce websites with a focus on conversion through UX/UI optimisation


Marketing Manager

February 2017 - October 2017

•  Increased leads through digital acquisition 150% year-over-year

•  Created and executed marketing and advertising strategies for two dealerships

•  Managed Google PPC and social media campaigns to drive new leads

•  Designed and oversaw the development of company websites and managed digital partners

•  Managed four marketing & events staff members, plus talent and third party vendors

•  Developed, advertised and produced sales events


Digital Marketing Manager

October 2015 - February 2017

•   Managed and maintained digital marketing channels for multiple high grossing companies

•   Increased a 40 year old company’s average monthly sales 60% to produce their highest revenue month in the company’s history

•   Developed marketing and brand initiatives for clients to drive revenue and increase brand reach

•   Tracked and maintained budgets for marketing and online advertising

•   Managed website development, SEO and digital merchandising

•   Aligned and integrated digital efforts with brick & mortar objectives for clients


• Bachelor Of Fine Arts, Film, Photography & Media Arts


I enjoy spending time with my family, camping, hiking and working out to stay healthy. I also love building and creating things with my hands; woodworking and gardening in particular.

Volunteer Experience

Children First Of The Rockies- Treasurer

•  Oversaw the management of budgets

•  Reported monthly, quarterly and yearly on financial status

•  Developed and helped execute fundraisers and events

•  Managed operation of the non-profit with the other board members


Habitat For Humanity - Volunteer 

•  Helped build homes for those in need


Personal Skills

· Communication- In my current role I am responsible for client communication and communicating with my internal team to make sure everyone is on the same page

· Teamwork & Collaboration - I currently lead a team of talented individuals who need to work together to achieve our clients’ goals. I developed our CRM, workflow and communication protocols

· Growth Mindset - I am constantly researching and learning the latest trends, technology and tactics to enhance the way we offer services to our clients to maximise each client’s potential for growth

Technical Skills

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