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Daniel Waniek
Qualification :
Energy Market Analyst / Strategist
Industry :
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Energy Market Analyst / Strategist

About our Client

Innovative Energy Market Analyst/ Strategist with 10 years’ experience in the European energy sector. Solid understanding of the value drivers for electricity network businesses and their implications. Expertise in spot and forward energy markets, fundamental modelling, price forecasting, hedging, and asset evaluation. Outstanding analytical, communication and influencing skills, with ability to develop and deliver plans to achieve strategic outcomes. Supportive team player with a PhD in Electrical Engineering.


Key Competencies

Analysing current/emerging themes impacting the electricity sector

Creating reference documents and presentations

• Developing and implementing business strategies and innovation.

• Providing thought leadership, and coaching and mentoring of staff

• Understanding of regulatory frameworks and market operating models

• Participating in cross-company projects and discussions to provide power market insights

• Conveying complex topics and analysis to broad audiences (experts, management, students, conferences)

Professional Experience

Lead Analyst Power Markets

Dec2015 – present 

• Analysis and modelling of European power markets with Germany and Great Britain focus, to support business areas across the company (power trading, corporate strategy, governmental relations, asset management)

• Coordinate 10+ power market analysts to ensure efficient collaboration

• Represent market analytics team in internal cross-company projects and external conferences

Analyst and Forecaster

Jan –Dec 2015

• Market analyses and price forecasts for frontoffice trading as well as forecasting of the daily electricity demand

• Forecasting of the daily electricity demand and production from renewable energies for Luxembourg, Belgium, and French markets

• Led and supported special projects in risk pricing, online forecasting, and marketing of renewable energies

Portfolio Manager

Jan 2012 –May 2015

• Managed client portfolios for electricity and natural gas including market analysis, scheduling, and consulting in purchasing and risk management

• Enhanced “Client Portfolio Services” business model with the Luxembourgish head office for the Benelux market

• Cooperated with TU Dortmund for the delivery of regular lectures and supervised master theses


Portfolio Analyst

Dec 2010 – Dec 2011

• Managed client portfolios and led strategy meetings focusing on energy procurement and risk analysis

• Adapted regulatory issues for business development focusing on renewable energies, network operation and capacity markets

• Developed interfaces with the market analysis and risk teams at the Swiss corporate centre


While completing my Doctoral thesis, I was employed as a Research Associate with the Institute of Power Systems and Power Economics.


• PhD in Electrical Engineering (2010)

English title of PhD dissertation: “Flow-based Evaluation of Congestions in the Electric Power Transmission System”


• Diploma inIndustrial Engineering (2006), Major in European Energy Management

Equivalent to NZQA level 8 Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)


• D. Waniek, C. Rehtanz, E. Handschin: “Flow-based Evaluation of Congestions in the Electric Power Transmission System,” in Proc. 7th International Conference on the European Energy Market, Madrid, 2010

• D. Waniek, C. Rehtanz, E. Handschin: “Analysis of Market Coupling Based on a Combined Network and Market Model,” in Proc. IEEE PowerTech Conference, Bucharest, 2009

• D. Waniek, M. Bolczek, C. Rehtanz, E. Handschin: “Modelling of the Operating Reserve Market Based on the Theory of Industrial Organization,” in Proc. 6th International Conference on the European EnergyMarket, Leuven, 2009

• D. Waniek, U. Häger, C. Rehtanz, E. Handschin: “Influences of Wind Energy on the Operation of Transmission Systems,” in Proc. IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting, Pittsburgh, 2008

• D. Waniek, W. Schulz, C. Rehtanz, E. Handschin: “Strategies for the efficient integration of wind energy into electricity markets,” in Proc. 16th Power Systems Computation Conference, Glasgow, 2008


• Travelled across Europe and throughout New Zealand by campervan

• Spending time with my partner and our two children

• Interest in photography connects both activities


Technical Skills

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