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Christian Jofre
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Maintenance Superintendent
Industry :
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Maintenance Superintendent

About our Client

Qualified Mechanical Engineer, experienced in the maintenance of industrial equipment and continuous processes. An experienced operations lead, and project manager accustomed to overseeing plant performance in pulp paper and fibre manufacturing environments.  Effective at ensuring production and quality targets are achieved in compliance with Health, Safety and environmental policy


  • Internal auditor for an integrated management system under ISO standards
  • Maintenance management processes, supporting plant maintenance, continuous improvement, and reliability programmes
  • Leading collaborative and productive work teams, applying various tools in asset management and maintenance
  • Managing mechanical plant performance: power transmission, material handling, thermal systems, non-destructive testing, and predictive maintenance
  • Project management, quality control and commissioning, utilising best practice procedures
  • Delivering technical solutions and working in the continuous process industry
  • Management of root cause analysis tools: 5 whys, Ishikawa Diagram, A3 Format, TapRooT® methodology
  • SAP to develop maintenance planning, scheduling and notification.
  • MS Office user to develop basic management and traceability tasks.

Professional Experience

Maintenance Superintendent

Overview: Responsible for creating the conditions to guarantee the operation of outsourcing

  • Manages relationships with the client companies
  • Recruits personnel and determine the training needs of new employees
  • Establishes and ensures the safety of the maintenance team and the delivery of an efficient maintenance service, both in operations and scheduling of maintenance work
  • Ensures compliance with the reliability strategy and maintenance process

Maintenance Superintendent

Overview: Responsible for maintenance management including personnel management, safety, costs, operational results and business continuity

  • Ensured the safety maintenance team and developed team members professionally
  • Delivered an effective and efficient maintenance service, both in the execution and in the scheduling of maintenance work and ensured compliance
  • Led the team in the Root Cause Analysis process              
  • Developed and managed budgets and metrics for staff areas of responsibility                  
  • Managed relationship between maintenance and production


Overview: Interim basis under a project led by a consulting firm. The idea was to reinforce the preventive planning of the productive areas in charge

  • Led work orders planning process from approval of programmable notices to the release
  • Generate work orders for maintenance: approved/rejected alerts
  • Defined all activities, duration and sequences necessary for the execution of work, as well as internal and external resources required including necessary materials and spare parts.
  • Prepared all the necessary documentation for work execution

Mechanical Maintenance Chief

Overview: Led the mechanical maintenance of systems and equipment in their areas of responsibility through guidelines that guarantee operational continuity

  • Ensured team safety, raised problems associated with equipment and managed emergency alerts
  • Authorised work orders and ensured the quality of work and timeliness
  • Defined a list of materials and spare parts and established supply strategies
  • Participated in root cause analysis processes


Master in Asset Management and Maintenance

Bachelor of Civil Mechanical Engineering

Diploma in Business Management



Technical Skills

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