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Name :

Erinda Abdyli
Qualification :
Legal Administrator
Industry :
Administration - Court Clerk - Government
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Legal Administrator

About our Client

Well-organised and adaptable Legal Administrator and Researcher with an LLM in International Business and Commercial Law from the University of Greenwich, London, and interpreting documentation. Committed to ensuring adherence to legal regulations and the ability to support lawyers with the confidential management of case files. In-depth knowledge of international law, as well as training and broad exposure to Intellectual Property Law, Labour Law, Gambling Law and Energy Law. Collaborative and respectful team member with excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to develop positive relationships with clients and colleagues at all levels.


  • Responsible for the overall direction, coordination, and evaluation of legal documents of the Supreme Court filed with the Archive
  • Manage, store and classify files, direct the activities of all divisions in accepting, filing, preserving and providing access to Supreme Court records, forward files to the relevant courts, and issue copies of supreme Court archive decisions
  • File permanent storage documents with the Central State Archive and destroy temporary storage documents as directed by the commission
  • Adhere to official standards and classified correspondence protocols, maintain confidentiality, and secure locked storage of all impounded records
  • Maintain legal registers in written and electronic form

Professional Experience




Technical Skills

  • Legal research and regulatory compliance: comprehensive knowledge of laws, regulations and industry best practices in the compliance and regulatory arena (domestic and international). This includes drafting memos and briefs, conducting legal research, preparing first drafts of legal documents (agreements, shareholders' decisions), dealing with deed formalities, and processing contractual documentation
  • Keep clients informed through email, personal communication and phone contact – always receive excellent feedback
  • Legal Risk Management: Drafting and pre-checking of Due Diligence documents for compliance and approval by Senior Partner
  • Computer Proficiency: Process and create profiles/files for clients using Document Managing System, research software, and utilising data room for Due Diligence Reports. Familiar with online legal research law, LexisNexis

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