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Louise Clulow
Qualification :
Learning Support Educator & Primary Teacher
Industry :
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Learning Support Educator & Primary Teacher

About our Client

Learning Support Educator and experienced primary/intermediate teacher with ability to formulate individualized learning programmes, support learners with diverse educational needs, and deliver workshops for teachers and parents. Highly competent at facilitating effective cross-cultural practices and communication, using face-to-face, online and hybrid teaching techniques. Empathetic and caring with a good sense of humour and the ability to motivate children, build relationships and work as a supportive team member. Specialised in English and qualified remedial teacher. Extracurricular experience in swimming, tennis, netball, chess, art club, and choir.


Key Competencies

• Work within a sound theory and practice of teaching and learning knowledge

• Planning units and lessons, and evaluating students' progress

• Accommodating learners with special educational needs (LSEN)

• Applying behaviour management techniques such as establishing boundaries and rewarding positive behaviour

• Integrating school rules, policies and procedures, including safety and emergency procedures

• Assessing learners to identify educational needs and implement Individual Support Plans for each student

• Experience as a mentor teacher for student teachers doing their teaching practical

Professional Experience

Learning Support Educator

Aug 2022-present

Primary School with around 700 students

• Member of School Based Support Team (SBST) and Counsellor, Reader and Scribe


Learning Support Educator

Oct 2021-July 2022

Primary School

• Taught Year 1, 2 3 learners Support learners with barriers to learning via individual/small group teaching

• Trained educators and parents to assist them in supporting their learners/children academically and emotionally

• Drew up and implemented Individual SupportPlans for learners, assessed learners and wrote reports

• Co-ordinated the school-based support team.


Foundation and Intermediate Classroom Educator

2004-Sept 2021

Private School (primary school)

• Taught Year 2 and 3 (all subjects), Year 6 and 7  English Home Language, and Year 7 English as an Additional Language

• During Covid I taught learners online. When in-classroom was resumed, certain families chose to keep their children at home for another year, during which time I taught class face to face and also had a camera on to teach online at the same time.

• Teacher in charge of learning support team and conducted assessment feedbacks on a weekly basis

• I was the Afrikaans First Additional Language and Robotics subject head for Year 1

• Co-ordinated the processes of student teacher applications and mentored student teachers.

• Counselled learners with emotional and/or learning challenges

• Reader and/or scribe for learners with accommodations during assessment time

• Researched new pedagogic methods and deployed them 


Principal and Educator (Year 3 to year 7)


• My colleague and I started the school and jointly ran all aspects of the school

•Taught mixed age class using Montessori principles while following mainstream syllabus.


Prior to 1998 I was a Year 2 teacher and a Year 4, 5, 6 and 7


• Honours degree in Psychology and Educational Support (Cum Laude) 

• Junior Primary Teaching Science Single Subjects Conversion Course 

• FDE Remedial Education

• HigherDiploma in Education (HDE)

• Diploma in English (DE) (Senior Primary)


Community Involvement

• Part of Community Out-Reach Programs such as visiting orphanages and involvement with youth

• Assisted with fundraising and delivery of donations for HIV/AIDS orphans at Nazareth House and food for underprivileged schools

• Active participant in local Pad Drives


Technical Skills

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