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Erinda Abdyli
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About our Client

Experienced Lawyer with hand, knowledge and experience in a widespread legal practice. Committed to achieving strict deadlines and proven ability to work efficiently with groups of any nature.


Professional Experience


  • Responsible for the implementation of legal acts related to the archive of state government.
  • Manage to issue copies of the Supreme Court archive decisions.
  • Management, storage and classification of criminal files in cases the Supreme Court judgments as initial jurisdiction. Handle and storage of civil and criminal review files. Directs the activities of all divisions of the office in accepting, filing, preserving and providing access to all the records of the Supreme Court.
  • Duly files with the Central State Archive permanent storage documents.
  • Duly destroys temporary storage documents as per the commission establish in this regard.
  • Keep the official standard or classified correspondence protocol in accordance with the legal acts in force.
  • Maintain any documents providing appropriate conditions for the organisation and administration of Archive documentation.
  • Send the criminal, administrative and civil files with the relevant courts.
  • Responsible for maintaining the legal registers filled up carefully in written or electronic form.
  • Public communications as per the official working hours meeting the ethical  standards;
  • Responsible for the overall direction, co-ordination, and evaluation of legal documents of the Supreme Court filed with the Archive.
  • Maintains total confidentiality and secures locked storage of all impounded records.
  • Establishes policies and procedures for the operations of the office in order to meet all that is required by law and to ensure the efficiency

Legal Expert / Administrative Assistant

  • Employed as a lawyer and office manager, engaged to professional promotion and development of human resources engaged and operational in insurance sector and further improvement of the sector;
  • Compile legal briefs, prepare contracts or help expedite information for legal cases;
  • Perform legal research and collect information pertaining to cases;
  • Draft, review, and revise contracts, agreements, and documents for the business and foreign investment projects;
  • Provide legal advice and opinion on legal matters to minimise exposure to liabilities and disputes​;
  • Prepare legal and corporate documents for routine legal works and foreign investment projects;
  • Manage and control legal corporate works;
  • Handle liaison work with government authority;
  • Keep cases organised by establishing and organising files;
  • Keeps clients informed by maintaining contact; communicating case progress;
  • Handle senior attorney schedules, arrange flights and plan monthly or quarterly speaking engagements at respectable venues.
  • Draft emails, letters, legal agreements and other binding documents and correspondence as dictated by senior attorneys.
  • Proofread documents prepared by attorneys and other office personnel to ensure accuracy in grammar and spelling.
  • Provide secretarial and administrative support as requested by senior attorneys, including interacting with clients, meeting with outside counsel, and serving as a liaison between department managers, company officers and other staff members.
  • Oversee and maintain organised filing procedures for client lists, legal materials, case files and other documentation.
  • Assist in legal research as dictated by senior attorneys, analyse and compile data, and receive, sort and deliver incoming mail to the correct parties.
  • Review, prepare and submit expense reports on a weekly basis for senior attorneys.
  • Answer telephone calls, resolve client concerns when possible, and greet and entertain clients while they wait to meet with senior attorneys

Previous experience includesManaging Director, Lawyer and Paralegal


Law Faculty (LLB) – Law bachelor degree

LLM (degree) dual degree

Faculty of Foreign Language, English Language (translation)



Technical Skills

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