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Jeetendra Chand
Qualification :
IT Administrator
Industry :
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IT Administrator

About our Client

Skilled IT Administrator with 10+ years of experience in managing networking systems and maintaining security,updating hardware and software, and managing databases. Effective communicator with the ability to explaintechnical information in an easy-to-follow manner, and experience in interdepartmental team building to resolvenon-technical business process issues. Well-developed time management abilities, excellent analytical skills and agenuine enthusiasm interest for keeping current with the latest technology.


• In my current role I customized Lease Management software from Hugo Technologies on software development life cycle to test the software stages, provided guidance and analytical information to fully develop the software and created an online hosting platform on using VDS functionality

▪ Used network support & engineering implementation of fibre optics to upgrade computer network structure from copper to fibre MPLS link for country-wide dealerships and advanced computer system network with ADS

▪ Upgraded PABX voice calling system on the fibre network structure country-wide, implemented new cat6 cable structure and provided training to IT staff on the new system

▪ Provided training to end users on ERP system software known as eraPower during upgrade and post-upgrade on Zoom & MS Teams platform

Professional Experience

IT Administrator/ICT Manager Oct 2009 – present


▪ Implemented wireless network topology for distant offices within the premises

▪ Implementation of POS system for major 3 branches and product barcoding

▪ Installed, configured, and supported the Vehicle diagnostic software for individual dealers like Hino, Mazda, Suzuki, Land Rover and BMW server and diagnostics machines

▪ Managed the MDaemon Mail server system with Cisco routers. Windows Server 2003 & 2008, Unix AIX, andServer 2016

▪ Mapped Active Directory drive user profile, cloud backup and disaster recovery.

▪ Cloud PABX Page | 2


▪ Liaise with local voice and data communication providers and with overseas software dealers into fine-tuning and resolve the motor vehicles dealers’ ERP system known as ERA System

▪ Manage ICT Systems for the entire group company’s network with branches country-wide

▪ Maintain printers/copiers/faxes and implemented central data storage for all users

▪ Conduct daily backup of server’s ERP application ERA system

▪ Prepare reports required by management, auditors, and GTC payroll software support

▪ Implementation of CCTV IP-based solutions

▪ Train new users, manage system backups, rollovers and manage the PABX phone system

Between January 2008 and September 2009. I worked as a Tutor, teaching Diploma in IT.

IT Administration Officer, Sept 2007 – Dec 2007

▪ Managed user PC, network system, database management system

Assistant Network Administrator, April 2004 – Feb 2007

▪ Managed Network structure with PABX phone system call accounting software

▪ Repaired user PC and perform a daily backup of database servers

▪ Managed printer/copiers/fax machines purchasing consumables

▪ Assisted in ERP server upgrades database base package MFGPRO and DSS with Q Vision reporting

▪ Implemented pay global HR & Payroll software package

▪ Assisted in production planning system-oriented and cost structure rollup with group accountant and factory managers


▪ Higher Diploma in Software Engineering, 2001 – 2002

▪ Diploma in Information Systems Management, 2000 – 2001

• ICDL – International Computer Driving License, 2007


• Enjoy watching thrillers and action movies with the family and some popcorn

• Gym training

• Driving on long weekends, exploring places and sightseeing


Technical Skills

• Troubleshooting, backup, restore, windows server, user profile, recovery, ICT Network topology,

• MPLS, cat6, RJ45

• Remote Desktop support using Any desk, VNC Server, TeamViewer to end users on remote sites.

• TCP/IP protocol, LAN, WAN, wireless devices, android devices, apple devices.

• Cloud PABX

• Active Directory /domain

• Windows Desktop Support for win10/11

• Data Network Topology Structure Design

• Windows user profile setup

• Windows Group Policy (GPO)

• Provide end user training for ERP system using Zoom, MS Teams, Cisco Web ex.

• Network Monitoring LAN/WAN, MPLS & Wireless using Solar winds, Look@lan

• Windows Server 2008/2016

• Veeam ware/ V Sphere ERP Server management

• Cat6 computer network structured cabling & Termination

• Trouble shooting of desktop pc, Network issues, ISP connectivity issues, and provide solution to IT officer in problem solving.

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