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Angie Mellet
Qualification :
Geospatial Analyst
Industry :
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Geospatial Analyst

About our Client

GIS Analyst with 9 years’ experience in monitoring programmes and providing accurate and relevant spatial information. Advanced spatial analysis and data editing skills with knowledge and experience with GIS web services and ESRI software and tools. Expertise in environmental sustainability, capacity building, urban planning and emergency management, and proven leadership, mentoring, communication and collaboration skills.


IT Snapshot
• ArcPro, ArcMap, Spatial Analyst, ArcGIS mapping, and ArcGIS Web App Builder

• Microsoft Office 
& Microsoft SQL Server 

• FME software to transform & convert geospatial data: transform GIS data into acceptable file conversion to use with ArcGIS software & ArcGIS online mapping/ Web App Builder

• Arcade SQL query design and FME software to transform &
convert geospatial data 

• Python 
& Metadata 

• Cartography:  paper map design for property owners, public works departments, agriculture department and property assessment, digital & print topographic map design & production

Key Competencies
• Project Management and IT Training & Support

• Deploy & manage Multi-User Geodatabase

• Field data collection and EnterpriseGIS workflows

• ICS Emergency Management 

• Mosaic datasets and raster orthorectification

• Demographic analysis

Professional Experience

Assessment Technician

2014 – 2023

Overview: Supported and maintained the integrity of the Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) for property assessment.

• Created new property accounts for Assessment Department

• Populated necessary geospatial data, input and deciphered monthly land title changes and new subdivisions

• Maintained currency of data, fielded public inquiries and service, and assisted with property tax bylaw balancing

• Created digital and paper maps forAssessors working in the field


Reserve GIS Specialist

Jan - July 2021

Overview: Exceeded expectations by performing all necessary GIS Coordinator responsibilities. The job competition for a new GIS Coordinator took six months to fill. During this vacancy, I provided all departments with necessary geospatial products, along with performing my Assessment Technician responsibilities. 


Geospatial Analyst in GIS Team

June 2019 - July 2021

Overview: Led the push for a new vision for the county through the consumption of geospatial data with ESRI local Government GIS Enterprise. My Capstone Project initiated the change.

• Project Lead for online mapping projects for Public Works Operations and Public Works Infrastructure Assessment

• Provided key administrative assistance to senior management and created the GIS Enterprise schema

• Project Lead for three departmental ArcGIS online mapping projects

• Analyzed and reorganised the RDBMS functionality of Clearwater County’s GIS Enterprise, resulting in a 30% reduction in file storage.

• Created standard operating procedure documentation and training 
material, allowing for more efficient on-boarding of new 
colleagues to online mapping


• Bachelor Degree of Applied Science B.ASc (Geographic Information Systems)

• Diploma in Multimedia


• Certificate ICS 300, Emergency Management; Incident Command System (ICS)


• Search and Rescue (SAR) volunteer (2017 - 2023) Ground wilderness & mountain rescue operations & ICS Planning  

• Society for Conservation GIS member (joined in 2022) Global group ofGIS volunteers, projects for capacity building, culture, biodiversity

• Habitat for Humanity volunteer (joined in 2010) Building houses for affordable home ownership


Technical Skills

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