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Mitesh Kapadia
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General Manager
Industry :
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General Manager

About our Client

Results-orientated Operations Manager skilled in collaborating with cross-functional teams and managing financial operations and projects through the implementation of strategic plans. Track record of market analysis, market formulation, business optimisation, budgeting and delivering products and services in compliance with performance standards. Demonstrated success in developing and leading effective auditing plans and tailoring financial and non-financial reports while steering overall business operations. Effective communicator experienced providing training to achieve organisational goals and enhance productivity.


  • Appointed exclusive distributors in Pacific Islands to increase contribution from export sales and created record sales per month in the company’s history
  • Contributed to diversifying products and achieved a competitive edge by outsourcing manufacturing units, yielding a 20% decrease in production cost and enhancing profitability  
  • Exceeded growth by introducing 200ml household bleach for an export market and tailoring the packaging to reflect the Melanesian touch, expanding the product portfolio
  • Conducted training need analysis (TNA) to tailor/organise training programs for staff, reducing downtime cost by 7% per production shift, and increasing machine output by 20%
  • Improved financial report generation process to reduce reporting time by shifting manual accounting to MYOB
  • Established stock control methods, conducted regular asset audits, planned and procured stock, and ensured availability of accurate information and valuation for banking and insurance purposes

Professional Experience

General Manager (Manufacturing)

  • Manage the manufacturing segment of the group to enhance productivity, build teams, and optimise operations and contract negotiations.

Business Manager (Manufacturing)

  • Business Management: Conducted market surveys and observed economic indicators to provide strategic direction for finance, sales, procurement, and HR operations
  • Expansion and Growth: Assisted management team and Board of Directors with appropriate market expansion and product development strategies, analysing local and international markets
  • Product Development: Oversaw product development processes from ideation and conception to marketing and distribution, guiding the product development team
  • Operations Optimisation: Coordinated with Board of Directors to redefine procedural standards to maximise productivity and reduce waste
  • Budgeting Operations Management: Allocated company budget, set organisational targets, and monitored production and administration departments’ performance, reducing production costs and increasing profit margins
  • Productivity Enhancement: Spearheaded meetings and presentations to provide an in-depth overview of the company’s financial position to management team and employees, aiming at better productivity and goal achievement
  • Team Leadership: Led sales teams to achieve set targets by providing guidance on market feedback and competitors’ sales approaches, tailoring effective sales strategies
  • Training and Development: Organised training programs and seminars for the sales staff to increase floor leads, grow sales and attain better shelf space allocation in stores
  • Customer Relationship Management: Achieved set profit margins through annual rebate agreements with key clients, negotiating terms and maintaining effective relationships
  • Negotiations and Dealings: Headed raw material procurement activities to buy the best quality raw materials at a competitive price, assuring optimal profits


  • Management Reporting: Assisted senior management with company performance supervision against budget and last year’s results, providing insights through monthly management reports
  • Incentive Strategies: Sustained productivity and improvement by introducing incentives and sick bonus initiatives, decreasing staff absenteeism by 2%
  • Production Operations Supervision: Oversaw production procedures to attain set targets, monitor downtime, and reduce wastage while maintaining the company’s current wastage level
  • Business Productivity: Boosted productivity by 7% by improving wastage level and downtime while providing a weekly briefing to the Production Manager and the Engineer
  • Customer Relationship Management: Fostered export sales to achieve set goals and identified growth opportunities to capture market share while maintaining positive customer relationships
  • Sales Maximisation: Appointed exclusive distributors in Pacific Island Countries to market the company’s products and strengthen market presence, generating 23% export sales growth
  • Raw Material Procurement: Headed purchase forecasting for essential raw materials and dealt with the suppliers to procure required raw materials at the lowest possible cost, ensuring on-time raw material availability
  • Saved 30% on the raw material buying price by procuring one of the essential raw materials directly from the factory


Master of Business Administration

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

Diploma in Business Accounting

Bachelor of Accounting



Technical Skills

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