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Anton Barguirdjian
Qualification :
Full Stack Developer
Industry :
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Full Stack Developer

About our Client

Creative Software Engineer with 7 years of experience. Strong proficiency in identifying technical requirements and designing and building software to match. Expertise in developing automated regression testing, and designing database security protocols, and skilled with component technology, UX, APIs, SQL queries, browser support, UI, and dynamic content. Supportive team player and effective communicator, comfortable in a rapidly changing environment and with an inquisitive, detailed oriented and problem-solving mindset. Proactive and confident in working independently and mentoring junior developers.


  • Collaborated on the design of database security protocols for Phinity, a risk assessment management platform, which improved compliance with security standards
  • Designed and implemented “Gate Control” PWA’s offline use and transactional data sync used by SANParks and Cape Nature.
  • Designed and co-wrote the front end for a bespoke CMS for a client, which enabled them to manage their own marketing content
  • Investigated and implemented Business Rules and Process Management System tools for an app in development
  • Carried out automated regression testing for banking software to allow the QA team to script test scenarios using Excel data
  • Hosted a series of JavaScript/Aurelia workshops for employees
  • Integrated a variety of web services such as Google services, payment gateways, Elasticsearch
  • Received several awards, including the developer of the year and development team of the year

Professional Experience

Full Stack Developer Feb 2021 – Present


  • Design and create reusable components and features and write unit tests
  • Maintain existing code-base
  • Development of their ACB web platform
  • Designed and implemented new features, such as a couple of new CMS components for the platform, and a user matching engine for peer-to-peer mentoring programmes, that can also be used as a general rules engine for the platform
  • Found silent bugs, which would have otherwise gone unnoticed


Software Developer Feb2017 – Aug 2020

KhanyisaReal Systems

  • Front-end development for client apps, including web service and device integration
  • SPA development, PWA development, Mobile development (Xamarin)
  • Trained interns and general mentoring in specific areas of expertise and conducted training workshops
  • Handled legacy system integration and development System/solution design
  • Contributed to the knowledge and awareness of web development within the company, by being an available knowledge resource, contributing to standards, and hosting workshops


DevOps Engineer March 2014 – Dec 2015


  • Business rules/process management system integration/development
  • Integrating BRMS and BPMS tools into the business management platform under development
  • Developed the automated regression testing tool to be used for the developed banking software
  • Researched and integrated BRMS and BPMS tools
  • Developed automated regression testing, enabling the QA team to configure test scenarios using Excel data
  • Designed systems’ architecture and developed systems, both front-end and back-end, and conducted unit and quality assurance tests
  • Designed and developed test automation processes and informational reports for systems
  • Created user and technical documentation and managed code storage and code quality


Diploma in Information Technology (Programming) - 2009 to 2010


  • RPG games to create interesting character "builds" and strategies
  • Dystopian and philosophy books and podcasts
  • The Matrix
  • Basketball
  • Anime (One Piece in particular)
  • Experimenting with code and apps, trying out new technologies and ideas.


Technical Skills

  • Programming Languages: Java, C#,JavaScript and TypeScript, HTML
  • Frameworks: .Net, .NetCore, Aurelia, Xamarin, VueJS, Quasar
  • Database: MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle
  • Application Servers: JBoss, Wildfly, Tomcat, Tomee, Node/Express
  • IDE: VisualStudio, Visual Studio Code, Eclipse
  • Utilities: Mercurial, Git, Jenkins, Archiva, TeamCity, Maven, Babel, Webpack, SASS, LESS, Bootstrap
  • APIs: jBPM, Activiti, Bonita BPM, Drools, Elasticsearch
  • DevelopmentMethodologies:Agile, Waterfall
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