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Maria Sánchez Nares
Qualification :
Financial Specialist/Analyst
Industry :
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Financial Specialist/Analyst

About our Client

Financial Specialist/Analyst with5 years’ experience in corporate finance, including 15 months with Deloitte.Empathetic and approachable team leader and confident decision maker, skilled in communicating issues and solutions at all levels and for diverse audiences. Commercial acumen in understanding marketplace behaviour and negotiation strategies to model best fit financial solutions for diverse projects. Love sharing ideas based on research and enjoy mentoring others and learning from the people around me. Well organised and deadline driven strategic thinker with ability to  create team cohesion and belonging. Fluent inEnglish, French and German.


Professional Experience

Corporate Development and Transaction Services Specialist Jan 2020 – present

Accenture, Professional consulting and information technology services,

Overview: Develop financial analysis in order to price competitively company deals that are intended to be greater than 10m USD. It is my responsibility also to follow the sales process in order to create a financial model that fits both the company and the client financial needs and to create strategies that make the company’s portfolio mix and profit balanced and compliant in terms of the general goals set for each FY. In this role it is very important to have great soft skills to communicate to business partners the financial outcomes and any setback that may happen in sales process


• Provide financial costing, pricing and deal shaping support to Sales team for large and complex global opportunities.

• Perform analytical reviews of client budget and identify missing information.

• Prepare schedules for open issues and propose an action plan to address shortfalls in readiness for Accenture deal approval

• Work with deal teams to use the costing information above in conjunction with knowledge of the deal shape/commercial parameters to calculate the price and margin using internal pricing tools.

• Assist deal teams with analysis of above to understand risks, provide mitigation and identify opportunities for a client, Accenture, and other stakeholders. Analyse financial impact accordingly.

• Understand and work within the ambit of US GAAP policies and ensure a clear understanding of risks and opportunities of deal shape when overlaid by each stakeholders regulatory environment.

• Co-ordinate with the tax and legal team to assure Client and Accenture tax efficiency and legality in instances of resource transfer, asset transfer, asset purchase, leasing, resale, subcontractors etc.

• Present the above financial context to the Sales Leads, Finance leads and other stakeholders to influence outcomes of deal shaping & client negotiations and assist with decision making

• Escalate, if required, deal with poor financial metrics and work with teams for those deals to improve the quality of the financial attributes before moving forward


Revenue ManagementCoordinator Feb 2019 - Jan 2020

Pepsico Ltd, Food and beverages production and distribution,

Overview: Analysed market conditions and developed strategies to increase share of market and managed the strategy’s implementation working with several areas; improved profitability of current portfolio mix, attended to specific consumer needs regionally and set the right portfolio mix in the right region. Developed a kmeans model to form clusters within regions to capitalise opportunities in pricing depending on variablessuch as income, price respect, percentage of rural population and other indicators.


• Actively sought out strategies to boost revenue in a specific commercial channel

• Managed optimization process, focusing on distribution, pricing, segment management and demand management

• Recommended pricing strategy and tactics

• Supported the development and maintenance of revenue management process and tools.

• Delivered high quality quantitative analysis to support recommendations

• Built relationships with key stakeholders in other departments

8 Supported communication and reporting for regional board

Key Accomplishment

Implemented a sales strategy to the small grocery stores which consisted of introducing a new package that was worth the same as the most common coin that circulates on the Mexican Market. I led the process, from making sure that the size could be produced by the factories, financially analysing the performance of the products, to making sure they were placed in the correct parts of the country. This lead to sales increase of 17% for the product


Transfer PricingConsultant Aug 2017 -  Dec 2018

DELOITTE,  Mexico, Professional services,

Overview: analysed transactions and ensured that they were taken care of according to the company’s arm’s length principle. Worked with a portfolio of several firms, including one of the biggest bottler companies in México and several groups with incomes greater than 10 MM USD. My responsibilities were to analyse financial information, provide solutions to the companies willing to minimize taxes payed to the authority and helped implement strategies that were worked out.


Bachelor of Arts in Economics GPA: 8.5/10 (2014 – 2018)


• Indoor climbing during the week and outdoors on weekends

• Organise hikes through Mexican mountains at least once a month

•. Currently training for Mexico’s City Marathon and already ran 3 of these events

• Enjoy culinary experiences that allow me to get to know other cultures by their food

• Watch and play tennis with friends



• Visitor to local prisons to teach people personal finance and with ONGs that help young people to prepare for job interviews.

• Assist with setting up concrete floors in rural communities, and in annual reforestation plans in local forests.

• Help with diverse activities such as painting walls and organizing activities for the sick and disabled people and their families


Revenue, CCI, OI, Business Case,Scenario Making, Fees, Discounts, US Accounting principles (GAAP), CapitalBalance, Inflation, FX Risk, Termination Provisions, Contingency, Margin,Costs, Capital Charges, Assets, Liabilities

Technical Skills

• Programming in R  and advanced Excel and PowerPoint

• Modelling in Microsoft Excel with a variety of formulas to solve business cases in the most efficient and easiest way

• US GAAP to make the best decisions in favour of the company’s profitability and compliance matters

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