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Aleianne Ferrer
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Experienced Office Manager
Industry :
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Experienced Office Manager

About our Client

Office Manager looking for new opportunities to take advantage of my skills with over 10 years of experience in office management, HR administration, finance and accounting support, and event management.


Professional Experience

Office Manager

Office Management and PR

  • Responsible for the overall maintenance of the office (A/C, MEP, cleaning, etc.) and procurement of appliances, furniture, pantry supplies and office consumables.
  • Responsible for the renewal of the company service license and other government-related tasks

HR Support and Administration

  • Responsible for processing the entry-visa, transfer and termination of visas of employees
  • Amending employee labor contracts
  • Annual renewal of group medical and life insurance.
  • Monthly payroll and pension

Finance and Accounting Support

  • Issuance of purchase orders
  • Creating payment requisitions in SAP
  • Pre-checking of travel expenses in CONCUR

Travel Arrangement

  • Responsible for travel arrangements (visa applications, flights, hotel accommodations and transportation) of all sales managers, VP and incoming guests

Event Management and Compliance Administration

  • Managing international and internal/local meetings and events (booking of the meeting venue and setup, accommodations, transportation, business dinners, training/meeting materials)
  • Responsible for ensuring that all events sponsored by the company and will be attended by healthcare professionals (HCP) are pre-approved and compliant not only with the company’s regulations but with EUCOMED and MECOMED
  • Responsible for submitting engagement requests for approval for healthcare professionals (HCP) conducting/participating as an event speaker, advisory board and proctorship
  • Responsible for post-event requirements such as honorarium payments of HCPs

Team Leader - Client Relations Department

  • Managing a team of 4 to 6 Client Relations Executives and ensuring that they meet the department’s targets
  • Plan, organise and direct the team to handle and resolve customer requests and queries effectively and satisfactorily within the agreed time frame
  • Supervising and ensuring that the team meets and maintains the highest customer service level by conducting regular and random spot checks
  • Identify and conduct regular training for the team members focusing on soft skills development, customer service excellence techniques, product and process knowledge and other CRM-related subjects to improve the team and individual performance & skills
  • Generating team monthly reports such as daily activity reports and spot checks
  • Aside from the role of managing a team, I was also given other responsibilities like supervising all outgoing correspondences (welcome and payment call letters) and unit registration with the Master Developer and Lands Department
  • Plan, organise and maintain effective internal control systems to ensure client relations procedures and policies are adhered to in achieving the CRM department’s goals
  • Conduct training for all new and current staff regarding department policies, workflow and procedures

Client Relations Executive

  • Being appointed as the first point of contact, we need to ensure that all enquiries and complaints of the clients will be attended to at the agreed time frame
  • Ensures that all initiated procedures such as transfers, refunds and other special requests received from the clients will be closed as per the agreed time frame to contribute to the team stats.
  • Responsible for meeting walk-in clients and answering phone and email enquiries with regard to their properties (payments, project updates, complaints and contract issues)
  • Assisting clients on-site whenever they booked an appointment for a site visit, unit inspection and handover


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

AMA Computer



Technical Skills

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