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Sarah Elizabeth M. Gordon-Church
Qualification :
English Teacher
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English Teacher

About our Client

Experienced and passionate teacher with strong communication skills and experience focused on Year 5 -8 English Language Arts, Social Studies and Reading Recovery. Skilled in positive classroom management, rapport building, differentiation and curriculum development. Dual certified in general and special education with experience in co-teaching, research based learning interventions, gifted and talented education, and autism. Demonstrated ability to interact with students and families through building on a culture of mutual respect, trust, and honesty. Keen to contribute to extracurricular activities as demonstrated by my experience in coaching soccer, starting a gardening club for middle school students, and creating and leading a school drama club.


• Recipient of 1 of 6, $2500 grants for ‘Thank A Million’ Teachers initiative

• LearningBehavioural Specialist Accreditation and Certification-Level 1 and High SkilledTeacher Certification

• RegionalTraining and Teacher Professional Development presenter for Concept Schools on the development and application of the Universal Design for Learning method and practice

• Selected to participate on the Curriculum andDevelopment Panel for the development of the English language arts curriculum and reading

Professional Experience

Teacher: Years 6-8 Reading Recovery / Year 8 English Language Arts, Reading / Year 7 Social Studies

• Set and communicated ground rules for expectations based on PBIS Team; built a culture and community based on diversity, respect, and personal achievement as well as group expectations for success

• Implemented Project Based Learning to differentiate instruction, provide real life skills and experiences and encourage engagement, including student input and choice, many paths to same learning outcomes

• Collaborated with different grade level teachers to provide mentoring and positive recognition and foster relationships based on learning and leadership

• Reading strategies, decoding skills, were taught to the middle school students who would then in turn teach the skills and strategies to younger students with direct teacher supervision and training, extension and remediation activities were also included to ensure emphasis on student strengths and provide differentiation

• Host after school clubs twice a week


Relief Teacher (High school and Junior Level English) 

• Established rapport with students who were struggling with the abrupt departure of a deeply valued and respected teacher

• Engaged in active listening and communication to assist students with the unexpected transition and motivate them to continue to learn and finish the year strong

• Earned trust and respect of students, guardians/parents, and co-workers by focusing on student success and achievement and creating a positive climate

• Employed project-based learning units to increase engagement, cultivate interest and motivation


Teacher: English Language Arts/Reading Teacher: Years 6-7, Advisory Teacher for year 6 - 8

• Designed and created Scope andSequence and Curriculum Map aligned with Common Core Learning Standards in conjunction with Department Head

• Developed assessments aligned with learning outcomes and conducted small group and individual classroom learning as well as whole group instruction based on individual, differentiated learning needs

• Established and maintained classroom procedures for learning activities and behaviour expectations

• Created a classroom culture based on diverse experiences, cultures, needs, and positive responsiveness

• Co-taught with fellow SpecialEducators and other grade level teachers, creating multi-disciplinary project-based learning units

• Employed NWEA, STAR 360, LEXIA, assessments and drilled down data to determine areas of achievement and implemented research-based interventions to increase student achievement

• Utilised the Why Try? OLWEUS Bullying Intervention Program and Training, and 7 Habits of Highly Effective Kids to assist in social/emotional growth and awareness of students

• Advisory Teacher for Year 9 students identified as needing extra support with skills to help them transition to and acclimate to the Charter School environment by setting individual and group goals for academics, personal life, monitoring assignments, grades, and school discipline goals to help them achieve their positive potential

• Volunteered planning time to teach and mentor a group of  Year 7  students in the “School Within A School” for ten weeks to assist in developing, monitoring, and achieving behavioural and academic goals to help transition back into the regular classroom setting before facing the school board for potential removal from the charter school setting

• Earned positive feedback from parents/guardians and students regarding classroom instruction and student experiences


• Bachelor of Science: Special Education

- Recipient of Outstanding Commitment to the Student Teaching Experience Award

- Dean’s List for Academic Achievement


• Associate in Arts: Primary Education      


• TEA (Teacher EducationAssociation): Member

• SAFE (StudentAssociation For the Environment): Member, Treasurer

• Non-Traditional College Women Panel: Speaker & Mentor


• Support local animal welfare organization and enjoy looking after our 2 rescue cats

• Reading and researching animals, birds, people in history and current events and cultures

• Family trips to wild life reserves

• Attending local cultural festivals, theatre productions, baseball games and choir performances

• Participated in 5k charity runs for arthritis, suicide awareness, and cancer

• Growing our own vegetables


Technical Skills

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