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Maiko Morata
Qualification :
Electrical Engineer
Industry :
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Electrical Engineer

About our Client

Detail oriented Electrical Engineer with experience in designing power systems and hands-on electrical work. Specialised in electrical systems review, AutoCAD (for layouts), ETAP (for electrical analysis), CAPEX projects, in-house design, water treatment, contract documents, pricing, and measurements. Adaptable with effective communication skills and proven ability to interact with clients, and work as a supportive team member.


Technical Skills

▪ Circuit analysis and theory, and Digital Electronics 

▪ Electrical Transient & Analysis Program

▪ Mastery in Electrical and Relevant Codes (PEC, NEC, IEEE, IEC) and Transient & Analysis Program (ETAP)

▪ Electrical design and repair, and Logic Design

▪ Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) analysis

▪ AUTOCAD, 2D modelling, and schematic development 

▪ Proficiency in electrical design packages such as DIALux, Tina Software, 
FluidSIM, and SCADA 

▪ Adept in programming languages like C, C++, HTML, and software including Zelio Soft 

▪ Highly skilled in Microsoft Office and Photoshop

Key Accomplishments

▪ Delivered high-quality electrical works, design, and bidding documents on time, regularly exceeding 95% annual targets, which contributed to the overall 5-year company goal to increase Capital Expenditure

▪ Streamlined document processes (e.g., measurements of payment, schedule of prices, general scope of work) through a coordinated database, which improved workflow and reduced timelines by 1000%, leading to the release of 60 projects worth Php 11.8M (NZ $350,000) each in two weeks.

▪ Involved in the end-to-end technical review and assessments of electrical works for water utility and wastewater projects budgeted at Php 10.5B+ (NZ $300M+)

Professional Experience

Program Management Engineer

Design & Project Management, Dec 2021-present

Maynilad Water Services

▪ Design electrical and deep-well facilities

▪ Conduct hazard and operability analysis on sewage treatment and water plants

▪ Provide technical review of electrical designs documents in several facilities

▪ Regularly monitor progress of Electrical Projects, in-house and outsourced in accordance with technical specifications and project requirements

▪ Coordinate all Working Drawings submitted by Engineers and Contractors prior to implementation on site within prescribed time frames

▪ Awarded Maynilad Electrical Designer of the Year (2022)

Industrial Electrician

Jan – Nov 2021

Plastic Container Packaging Corporation (PCPC)

Overview: factory based electrician responsible for the maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of electrical machinery and equipment, providing electrical engineering assessments and services, optimizing machine efficiency through Electrical Maintenance, executing plant improvement projects and collaborating with section heads to promptly address electrical issues


(independent contractor) May – Oct 2020

▪ Provided contractual electrical installations services for a residential construction project

▪ Inspected electrical components, such as transformers and circuit breakers

▪ Identified electrical problems using a variety of testing devices

▪ Installed wiring, control, and lighting systems using hand and power tools

Prior to 2020 I was employed part time as a Admin & Payroll Assistant (Oct - Dec 2018) and as an Electrical Technician/ Support Intern
(Jan - March 2018)
working across multiple functions, including mechanical, electrical, fabrication, assembly, and sales, and performing routine tasks under close supervision using well-defined standards and procedures.


• Registered Electrical Engineer and Master Electrician

Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), November 2021

• Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BS-EE) (2020)

 Professional member of the Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers,

Training and seminars

▪ Rockwell Automation (Motor Control Centre) (Sept 2022) 

▪ Rockwell Automation (Power and Smart Devices) (Aug 2022)

▪ Load Schedule and Voltage Drop
calculation (Aug 2022)

▪ Power 101: Energy Lectures (Jun

▪ SF6 – Free Gas Insulated Medium Switchgear (Jun 2022) 

▪ Symmetrical and Unsymmetrical Faults in Power System (May 2022) 

▪ PEE MENTORING “How to become Professional Electrical Engineer” 

▪ Grid Tie Solar Design for Residential and Commercial (Feb 2022) Grounding and Bonding (Feb 2022) Power Systems Coordination (Dec 2021)

▪ Service Entrance Standards by Meralco (Dec 2021)
Facilities Management (Nov 2021) MV Cable Splice and Termination (Oct 2021)

▪ Site Quality Assurance for HVDC (Sept 2021)
Anti-Obstruction of Power Lines (Sept. 2021)

▪ Crisis Management (Apr 2022)

▪ Advancement in Electronics Technology: Nanoelectronics (2016)


▪ Enjoy regular workouts at the gym

▪ Love spending time with my partner, preparing food or going out for dinner

▪ Going for a 6-km power walk every day


Technical Skills

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