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Dearly Briana
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Dental Assistant
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Dental Assistant

About our Client

Well organised and highly skilled Oral Health Therapist with 10+ years’ experience as a Dental Assistant and currently employed as a Senior Dental Surgery Assistant at the National University Polyclinics in Singapore, a primary care provider for dental services. Trained and experienced in the complexities and challenges associated with sterile processing to deliver a high standard of care and safety. Supportive team member with excellent English communication skills, and the ability to relate in a friendly and warm manner with patients from a wide range of backgrounds and ages. Full understanding of dental practices and administrative support requirements and knowledge in the use of dental practice management software applications.


Professional Experience

SeniorDental Surgery Assistant (Infection Control), April 2012 – present

Overview: Supervise infection control practices and oversee adherence to infection control protocols in the dental environment.

  • Assists the dental officer and perform four-handed dentistry
  • Prepare the work area, the dental materials and instruments needed for treatment
  • Write patient notes efficiently as dictated by the Dentist
  • Perform clerical and administrative duties and carry out stock control
  • Ensure staff adhere to infection control protocols and monitor disinfection and sterilisation processes for safe usage of dental instruments (target compliance rate is 100% monthly)
  • Reduced dental sharp injuries to 0% monthly.
  • Collaborate with the Dental Heads to develop, implement, and evaluate existing infection prevention practices and action plan
  • Establish and maintain a system for reporting possible incidents of work-related injuries
  • Conduct infection control orientation and training to dental staff including hand hygiene, standard precautions in dental care settings, environmental hazards and control, use of isolation/barrier precautions when indicated, disinfection and sterilization of dental instruments
  • Implement written infection control policies and procedures, including those for standard precautions and for transmission-based precautions, including when these should be used, the duration of use, and the type of precautions needed for a particular infection
  • Conduct competency assessments for all staff to inspire excellence
  • Monitor policies and workflow consistent with infection control standards of practice


Senior Dental Surgery Assistant, March 2008 – April 2012

  • Provided efficient support and assistance to both dentists and patients.
  • Assisted the dental officer and performed four-handed dentistry
  • Contributed to team synergy allowing all team members to work effectively and efficiently.
  • Prepared patients for dental treatment and assisted dentistswith oral surgeries
  • Recorded patient notes, ordered diagnostic tests, screenings, and conducted patient follow-up
  • Performed administrative tasks such as inventory control
  • Cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized dental instruments
  • Adhered to the highest standards of health and safety protocols


Prior to 2008, I was employed as a Dentist for 2 years providing comprehensive, preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental care


  • Doctor of Dental Medicine
  • Member of Infection Control Association
  • Certified N95 Mask Fit Trainer


  • Family Life Ministry –serve as a marriage mentor for couples in need of premarital counselling, marriage preparation and marriage enrichment
  • Project Sparkle – An annual initiative of serving the community by helping residents maintain a high standard of cleanliness for their rental flats.
  • Enjoy reading inspirational books, listening to music, and watching romantic-comedy movies
  • Spending quality time with family is important to me


Technical Skills

  • Developed and implemented infection prevention practices to lower risks in dental setting to 0%
    Conducted infection control orientation and training for new staff
  • Ensured policies and workflows consistent with infection control standards were followed
  • Established a system for reporting incidents of work-related injuries

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