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Sebastian Paripsa
Qualification :
Data Scientist and Lead Developer
Industry :
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Data Scientist and Lead Developer

About our Client

Highly accomplished data scientist and lead developer with 8+ years of experience in physics and mathematics and 6+ years of expertise in Python and Linux. Strong background in computer-aided simulations, quantum field theory, and Monte Carlo simulations. Proficient in full-stack development, Agile methodologies, and software implementation, with demonstrated success in creating tailored solutions for unique academic and business needs.

Showcased expertise in database development through the successful design and implementation of the xafsdb reference database project. Exceptional communication and leadership skills, with a proven track record of securing scholarships, mentoring scientists in the fields of Physics, Chemistry and Engineering, and presenting research findings at academic conferences. Adept in a wide range of technologies, including Git, Full Stack, Swift, Julia, DatabaseDevelopment, and Docker/Docker-Compose.


Professional Experience

Data Scientist and Lead Developer

  • Developed and launched a reference database that is currently in production and undergoing a test phase with select users, showcasing the ability to design and implement data-driven solutions.
  • Demonstrate expertise in Agile Software Development, API Development, Docker, Database Development, Django, and FastAPI, leading the team in creating innovative data-driven solutions for diverse clients.
  • Partner with stakeholders to identify and translate project requirements into actionable development plans, ensuring timely and efficient project completion.
  • Implement best practices in software development, code review, and version control to maintain high-quality code and streamline the development process to drive team productivity and user satisfaction.
  • Specialise in data science, software development, and full stack development utilising Python, Linux, Git, Django, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Docker, Docker-Compose, and Bucket-storage (S3).
  • Delivered a high-impact presentation entitled “XAS reference database under Daphne4nfdI" during the annual meeting, showcasing the successful launch and first release of the xafsdb-reference database, a testament to technical expertise and effective communication skills within the scientific community.

Co-Founder and Data Scientist

  • Leveraged data science, simulations, and software development expertise with Python, Linux, Git, Full Stack, TensorFlow, and Keras to drive the company's growth.
  • Successfully pitched the company's vision and secured a scholarship by impressing a ten-member jury, demonstrating exceptional communication and persuasion skills.
  • Developed a Django-based front-end and website, as well as a prototype for an ML-supportive database, showcasing versatility and innovation in product development.
  • Created and executed a strategic roadmap for the company, focusing on applying data science and machine learning technologies to enhance product offerings.

Doctoral Candidate/Scientific Assistant

Department of Mathematics & Science

  • Led the full stack development of an open xafs database catalogue, including API-server development with FastAPI, SQLAlchemy, and MariaDB/MySQL; client solution in Python; and web server with Django and BLOB storage.
  • Designed and implemented a department-specific Beamline application software for Quick-Scanning Extended X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy, highlighting the ability to create tailored solutions for unique academic needs.
  • Collaborated with faculty members and fellow researchers on interdisciplinary projects, fostering an environment of innovation and academic excellence.

Software Developer

  • Engaged in agile development utilising Swift, Git, SourceTree, Bitbucket, PHP, Java, MySQL, SEO, and LinuxServer, working independently and collaboratively with a team.
  • Analysed, designed, and implemented new applications for a POS system on an iPad via REST Laravel, showcasing adaptability in creating solutions for diverse platforms.
  • Contributed to developing an iPad app and related databases, demonstrating proficiency in mobile application development.
  • Utilised and advanced various APIs while optimising and finalising an iPhone emoticon app, successfully releasing it in the App Store.
  • Actively participated in code reviews and contributed to improving development processes, promoting a culture of high-quality software engineering.

Academic Experience

Project Intern | Department of Mathematics & Science

Research Assistant | Department of Mathematics & Science


Master of Science in Physics

Bachelor of Science in Physics



Technical Skills

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