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Candidate Details

Name :

Keith Sanks
Qualification :
Cybersecurity Analyst
Industry :
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Cybersecurity Analyst

About our Client

Cybersecurity Analyst with a 16-year track record of delivering exceptional results in both the private sector and navy. Comprehensive background in security and threat analysis, and communication technology. Expertise in managing complex projects to deliver strategic results and identifying areas of improvement. Proven leadership, communication and collaboration skills with a strong interest in
data acquisition, aggregation, visualisation, and establishing how data flows through a system and is stored efficiently.


Technical Snapshot

• Software:
 Microsoft Office 365, Visio 

• System:
 VMWare, Virtualbox, Proxmox, Vite

• Operating Systems: 
Linux, Ubuntu, Kali, CentOS, Windows Server2008 Windows XP, 7 & 10 Network Security

• Networking:
 TCP| IP, Protocols, Ethernet, Cisco Routers & Switches

• Network Monitoring:
 Splunk, Bro, Suricata, Gigamon, Wireshark, Lansweeper, Qualys, LogRhythm, Elastic, Symantec,

• Focus:
 STIG, Policy & Regulatory Compliance, RMF 

• CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Net+, CompTIA A+ 

• ITIL 4 Foundations Certified 

• EC Council Certified Encryption Specialist

• Splunk Certified Administrator

Professional Experience

Security Analyst

Aug 2022 – Present

• Monitor 18K devices investigating malicious activity and ensuring compliance and responding to incidents

• Review LogRhythm alerts, query Qualys and find and schedule patch installation for the vulnerabilities discovered

• Reduced automated services and scripts utilizing root privilege access to prevent inadvertent escalation of privileges

Investigated phishing email, reported events and provided recommendations to prevent similar issues

• Discovered 363 devices missing antivirus and recommended the devices have antivirus installed.

• Recommended removing unnecessary applications from servers
and retiring out-dated and unnecessary equipment from LA CareNetwork

• Recommended configuration changes to LogRhythm[SIEM] to be more effective and reduce bottle neck

• Work with the service desk and sysadmins to remove encryption standards from LA Care.


SIEM Administrator

Jan 2021 – July 2023

• Developed white paper for SIEM solution recommendation

• Helped the company win a $30 million contract that included a SIEM solution to be deployed 
on air-gaped, multi-domain environment

• Assisted in developing the Splunk deployment in classified spaces


Network Engineer

Dec 2018- Dec 2020

• Designed, built and maintained virtual cyber ranges for client

• Deployed virtual environments for clients to participate in cyber exercises

• Troubleshot technical issues that caused failures

• Identified client needs and developed a plan to implement procedures and tools to meet requirements 

• Designed and built training environments for cyber operation exercises within carious virtual environments to test program and user capabilities when faced with a threat 

• Developed, configured, and maintained network devices connecting geographically separated enterprise networks; performed disaster recovery and data backups when necessary 

• Troubleshot, maintained, and coordinated the use and proper operation of network monitoring tools servers, storage environments, and network operating systems 

• Documented procedures and network designs for future use and development 


Cyber Security Specialist

May- Dec 2018

• Provided training on effective use of security software; ensured all trainees could pass competency on programs used and expectations of the organization 

• Supported development of applications, dashboards, and efficient use of resources for network security monitoring; focused on Host, Network, and Server based intrusion detection and protection 

• Conducted vulnerability analysis to support risk mitigation and security implementation in accordance with Defense Information Systems Agency Security Technical Implementation 


Cryptologic Technician Network

March 2008- June 2018

• Led a team of five individuals to monitor, investigate, and prioritize indicators of compromise

• Developed methodologies for global state threat actors to discover anomalous and potentially malicious activity 

• Designed and implemented effective cross-functional processes/working relationships to achieve smooth transition and operational optimization of work between teams 

• Facilitated training in understanding cyber actors’ tactics, techniques, and procedures to analyse risk, threats, and security breaches across the organization 

• Coordinated and expedited the tracking, handling, and reporting of security events and computer incidents in accordance with government procedures 

• Provided customers with discovered vulnerabilities and informed methods to control and mitigate issues associated with their network

• Used SPLUNK to monitor network for any threats and vulnerabilities


• Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Cyber Security & Information Assurance

• Information Technology Multimedia

• Joint Cyber Analysis Course


• Keen interest in skydiving; jumping ~3 times a week working on getting my A license

• Mountain biking, working out at the gym, and going on weekend hikes


Key Competencies

• Information Security, Encryption, Social Engineering, Phishing, DDoS, Exploit, Data Breach, Spoofing, Spyware, Trojan horse, Root kit, Pen-testing, MFA, Ethical Hacking

• SIEM Administration, Splunk Engineering 
Writing Splunk queries using SPL, creating visualizations that provide valuable insight into the customers’ data. 
Investigate alerts that are generated by thresholds met by specified criteria, defined by NIST and the adherence with which the client needed to comply with those policies

Technologies & Innovations | Excellent knowledge of IT systems and infrastructure combined with profound skills in data management and analysis. Solid strategic skills necessary to plan/control the implementation of new systems. Successful history of using technical data to analyse threats. Understanding of MITRE tactics to understand common terms between companies.

Training & Development | Demonstrated the ability to assimilate new ideas, concepts, methods, and technologies. Dedicated and innovative team builder with a superior work ethic. Completed Leadership courses to provide the best training and guidance for junior staff members

Technical Skills

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