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Joshua Rice
Qualification :
Craft Operator
Industry :
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Craft Operator

About our Client

Logistic and Process Improvement professional with 8 years’ experience in a high-paced, rapid growth environment. Skilled in managing, coordinating and supporting production and manufacturing projects across business sectors, and experienced in working with a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning system. Supportive team member with demonstrated ability to analyse and communicate complex information, and collaborate with multi-functional colleagues. Combine intercultural awareness, open mindedness, creativity, strong organisational and IT skills to drive success. Qualified with an MBA in Engineering Management.


Professional Experience

Craft Operator

Overview: manage planning, operations, quality, maintenance, and administration of a production line

  • Handle SAP transactions to ensure legal compliance of product
  • Collaborate with quality managers on critical issues to identity and address potential hazards
  • Manage production records and quality data for process improvement
  • Run chemical analysis on whiskey to ensure that product specifications are met
  • Inspect and maintain high-volume equipment and assembly line
  • Coordinate with warehouse and shipping departments to arrange delivery of product and finished goods


▪ Developed digital cloud-based tools to streamline material production and record keeping, reducing tracking and data errors across department

▪ Identified deficiencies and rolled out process improvement plans on department production floor

Operational Team Lead  

Overview: Team lead responsible for operations planning, employee training, liaising with trade and industry leadership, educating consumers, and developing new experiences

  • Surpassed personal and team sales goals by 15% for four years running utilising exemplary client relations, communication and organisational skills.
  • Organised, planned, and facilitated large scale events for stakeholders and customers
  • Mentored staff on cross-cultural communications to facilitate brand messaging with overseas customers
  • Development and implementation of in-house training materials and compiling a resources and industry references
  • Drove continuous improvements and ensured facility safety by incorporating visitor centre staff within the LEAN/Plant Safety team to facilitate communication between manufacturing facility and visitor relations
  • Increased bottle sales 20% by developing and implementing SOPs
  • Played a key role in the production of 41,000 gallons of hand sanitiser for emergency services as member of bottling line during early months of COVID-19 pandemic

Team Lead / Ambassador    

Overview: Developed operational plans and SOPs for brand new distillery

  • Processed SAP transactions to ensure tax and legal compliance
  • Inspected and delivered product between distilleries, ensuring Department of Transportation compliance in transporting hazardous material
  • Aligned micro-distillery and bottling operations with State and Federal Alcohol manufacturing, transportation, and record keeping regulations by developing and implementing SOPs and training programs
  • Led manufacturing equipment shakedown operations and diagnosed and rectified operational anomalies before grand opening
  • Trained staff to conduct quality visitor experiences
  • Started up, operated, and shut down bottle filling equipment


Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) in Engineering Management

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in History


  • Volunteer with local animal rescue, transporting and fostering cats and dogs, running charity events
  • Tutoring local college students in history and writing fantasy and science fiction short stories
  • Researching history of space flight and collecting reproduction Flight Manuals
  • 3D modelling and printing tools and accessories to make household tasks more efficient
  • Coding and building robotic tools


Technical Skills

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