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Lahiru Hennayake
Qualification :
Civil Engineer
Industry :
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Civil Engineer

About our Client

Civil Engineer with strong planning, design, construction and maintenance skills and genuine enthusiasm for Environmental and Geotechnical Engineering. Experience includes 4 years of leading and delivering major roading projects involving progress evaluation& monitoring, reporting, estimation & procurement, technical evaluation, and writing project proposals. Confident in tackling unfamiliar challenges and ability to thrive in a deadline-driven environment. Effective cross-cultural and cross-functional communication skills with experience in working as a supportive team member and training and coaching junior team members.


Areas of Expertise

• Water, wastewater, stormwater, and road constructions such as culverts, bridges, drains, road widening Asphalt paving, and pavement construction        

• Developing Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)reports and TEC report preparation

• Design of Concrete Structures, reinforcement design, developing detailed drawings

• Structural Analysis & Site Surveying and documentation

• Topographic Surveying

• Bidding Documents and ICTAD Specification for Works

• Laboratory procedures, quality assurance and control

Professional Experience

Civil Engineer, Aug 2018 – Present

Department responsible for construction and maintenance activities, data analysis, preparation of programs, progress monitoring, and certification of 2385 km of road network. PRDD facilitates direct supervision of both local and foreign-funded construction projects (215 Employees)

Overview: Act as a bridge between DivisionalEngineer’s divisions and Head office by planning, implementing, and managing tasks by monitoring and supervision. 

• Preparation of Annual Development Plan (PSDG/Recurrent) with coordination of divisional engineer’s offices, guide subject officers to finalize plans, and assist Chief Engineer (Planning) to get approval for the finalized plan

• Supply technical supervision and guidance to prepare the annual Highway Schedule of Rates (HSR)

• Monitor the progress through Google Drive and Monitoring and Management Information System (MMIS)

• Amend formats of the department, preparation of new formats as required and guide subject officers to maintain internal circulars and circulate documents within and outside the department

• Update the Gazette and Road Statute and supervise the preparation of agreements with 3rd parties

• Monitor and supervise preparation of Tender Documents and Agreements and maintain and update database of road network

• Preparation of project proposals collection of relevant data

• Assist Chief Engineer (Planning) to prepare the Medium Term Development Plan (MTDP)

• Identify training opportunities for staff and organise training programs to meet training requirements

• Monitor field works and instruct divisional engineer’s offices to rectify any defects


• Assisted in the preparation of estimates covering of 201.17 kms and Rs. Mn. 5598.475 worth for 100,000 km

• Calling of quotations, analysis of rates and published Highway Schedule of Rates in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022

• Introduced MediumTerm Development Plan for 2019 – 2023 in 2018 to cover development of provincial roads, local roads and other road networks and also enhancement of planning and management.

• Maintain, monitoring and manage Information systems (MMIS) and monitor progress of all programmes through one single online platform, where everyone can access the MMIS through a unique username and password which helps to report and review progress without delay

• Prepared annual programmes of PSDG and Recurrent for 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022

• Guided staff of PRDD to compete in National Productivity Awards 2020 under Public Sector and we managed to receive a commendation

• Introduced five quality circles in the department to enable employees to add their contribution to improving the work environment

• Developed Excel sheet by adding functions to prepare estimates for 200km programme without any delay

• Prepared Memorandum of Understandings between department and contractors to minimise disputes

Mathematics Tutor Jan 2016 – July2018


Trainee Civil Engineer Jan2015 – April 2015

Hilton Colombo Refurbishment Project/ Sanken Construction (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka, building constructions and renovations


Trainee Civil Engineer Dec 2013 – March 2014

Keangnam Enterprises, Ltd, Sri Lanka, Road construction projects.


• Bachelor of Engineering Science (Civil and Environmental Engineering) (Oct 2011 - May 2016)   

• Currently completing Master in Engineering (Highway and Traffic Engineering) (2021/2022) 

Professional Development Training

• Geometric Design of Roads and Highways, Structural Design Institute (Dec 2020 – April2021)

• Introduction to Concrete Bridge Design to Euro Codes, Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka (Aug–Nov 2021)


Professional memberships

• Institute of Engineers, Sri Lanka

• Engineering Council Sri Lanka


• Cleaning crew volunteer at sacred Muthiyanganaya temple at Badulla since 2019

• Distributed books, water dispenser units, masks, face shields and PPE kits at childcare centres in 2021

• Going on a 5km bike ride every morning and long distances once a month

• Reading English newspapers to improve my English knowledge and gain a good grasp of the latest news

• Watching cricket matches

• Listening to classical songs (Sinhala and English)

• Spending time with my children as we have a strong bond


Technical Skills

• AutoCAD, Autodesk, Civil 3D, Microsoft Project,Microsoft Office

• Work schedule and Resource planning using MS Project

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